March 24th Comics

Let’s review what little of last week’s releases I read, shall we? Spoilers ahoy!

New Avengers #63

Story: 3.5/5
Art: 4.5/5

I’m not so sure where I stand on this issue. While it’s nice seeing the New Avengers in the middle of all the action during Siege, it was tampered somewhat with flashbacks to Luke/Jessica and Clint/Bobbi before heading to Broxton. Luke and Jessica discuss the superhero life, while Bobbi has issues and Clint tries to be supportive. I can see where Bendis was going for the emotional connections so this wasn’t just 20 pages of fighting, but he could have done it better – and with less talking, holy crap. Also, it’s hard to feel a sense of dread over a character looking like they’re about to die when you’ve seen them alive and well and getting their own series this June.

Mighty Avengers #35

Story: 3/5
Art: 4/5

What the hell happened to Hank Pym?! God, he was doing so well and this series was doing so much to elevate him back to a respectable status, back to a place where he’s once again relevant in the Marvel world, and then Slott turns around and destroys all his own good work. Ultron is back, big whoop. What I find creepier is that Hank is slowly giving Jocasta a human body, but I guess he likes it so much he’s gonna put a skin on it. This issue was almost saved by the reveal of where the Infinite Mansion truly lies, and I’ve read some great theories on it over at the CBR forums. I’m still interested, even though I’m sad about the 180 the book’s taken regarding Hank.

Uncanny X-Men #522

Story: 2/5
Art: 4/5

Kitty Pryde’s return has been eagerly anticipated for ages, and now that it’s finally here…what a let down. Fraction focused so much on the story of the return that he almost seemed to forget how emotional it would make the X-Men upon it. Sure, Wolvie and Colossus got their panel or two of reaction, but then there was what, two? Three? pages of Emma telepathically talking to Magneto (who was blocking her ANYWAY) about how great Scott is. Just. What? WHAT?? And then when Kitty finally does return, she isn’t able to come out of her phasing form which freaks all the X-Men out except, wait for it — IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE. SHE GOT BETTER. KNOW YOUR HISTORY, FRACTION, GOD. And then even more pages that could have been used for the actual emotional impact of Kitty’s return? Wasted on a short story about an alien on another planet that almost got hit by the Kitty-Bullet. What a waste of an event. A freaking waste.

Also, Dodson’s cover is silly, especially considering they blacked Kitty out in the initial release to keep it a big secret. Hey Marvel, guess what? She’s so generic on the cover nobody would have known it was Kitty until they were told. I’m so glad Mark Brooks’s cover exists. I love that man.

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