Siege: Young Avengers

Anything coming out this week has been dwarfed by my excitement for Siege: Young Avengers, which is why I’m doing a separate review post for it. My love for the YA is like the sun. *_*

Spoilers ahead!

Siege: Young Avengers

Writer: Sean McKeever
Art: Mahmud A. Asrar

Story: 5/5
Art: 5/5


Cassie and Vision are absent, but with all the face time they’ve been getting in Mighty Avengers, it doesn’t hurt the team. This issue focuses on why Wiccan originally modeled himself after Thor, Speed’s need to live up to himself as a hero, and Patriot and Hawkeye trapped under the rubble of Asgard.

Speed’s story is a welcome one – he’s so often the lively comic relief that getting a glimpse into his mindset is refreshing. Trying to go faster, do more, save more people, and his despair at not living up to his own (extremely high) expectations. Ronin gets a nice cameo as a grown up Avenger, giving Speed the advice he needs to hear before they go back to fight the good fight. Really lovely.

I really loved Patriot and Hawkeye’s dynamic in this. Kate’s always been a badass, and Eli’s always been everything but when he’s around Kate. In battle or around everyone, he’s Patriot, living up to Captain America’s name, but with Kate…he softens a bit, becomes a much more rounded person. Their are they or aren’t they tension works here, even though it’s a bit confusing after the Dark Reign mini – there, an I Love You is exchanged, but here it’s as though they’ve never kissed before. Other than that, it was really great seeing how Kate is the one pushing to get themselves free where Eli’s trying to be cautious so they don’t die. It’s great role reversal, but doesn’t diminish either of their roles as superheroes.

And then there’s Wiccan, who is in my top five favorite heroes ever. I just need to get this out:


….I’m done.

But really, it was lovely seeing a glimpse into Billy’s past, how much the destruction of Asgard’s affecting him, and how much Teddy does his best to be there for him. I found the background a little hard to swallow, but overall, I liked it. What I loved most, though, was his and Teddy’s dynamic. I’ve always loved that YA is the only Marvel title with a gay couple in a happy, HEALTHY relationship, which is so, so rare. Hell, even the straight couples aren’t this lucky in love.

Just one problem, though:

Kate & Eli: 2 kisses
Cassie & Kang: 1 kiss
Kate & Tommy: 1 kiss
Billy & Teddy: 0 kisses

What is up with that, Marvel? I really hope Heinberg fixes this (Peter David having Shatterstar and Rictor kiss in X-Factor gives me hope) and has them finally get the in-book kiss they deserve with the new YA series this summer.

The art in the issue was really lovely, as well. Asrar’s really great with emotion, and his action was just as good. So, so ridiculously happy with this issue overall.

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