The Sentry: Fallen Sun

Siege is over, things have happened, the Marvel universe is finally moving on. And while I’ll have a giant review post coming up soon to catch up on this week and last week, I felt the need to make a post to single out this horrible pun of an issue.



It’s not bad enough that Sentry’s introduction years ago retconned the entire Marvel universe, but he can’t go out without a few more?

Let’s just stack them up, shall we? (Spoilers ahead, obviously.)

– Rogue and Sentry had sex. What, what, WHAT? My friend EruditeChick over at All Things Fangirl has more of a right to an angry reaction to this, and her post about the subject says everything.

– Tony Stark blathering on about how much of a role Bob played in helping him during his alcoholism days. First of all, I object to Tony calling himself “a drunk” – it just seems the kind of term someone would use for a current alcoholic or someone who’s recently given up drinking, not a recovered alcoholic who’s been sober for years and years. Come on. Second…how is taking what has to be one of the most important arcs to Tony Stark as a character and just inserting Bob in there willy-nilly respectful? I know retconning someone like Sentry into the universe will have its share of friction, but this is just way, way too much.

– Ben Grimm hated Sentry for being a better man than he was? Come on. Come the fuck ON, Jenkins. I can’t even dignify this stupidity with – just – AUGH.

– Cloc. Where did the tiny little robot come from? I confess I haven’t read much of Dark Avengers so I have no idea if he was around Sentry there, but just…what? And way to leave an opening for Sentry to come back, Jenkins. Thanks for crushing my hope that he’s gone for good.

– Stephen Strange actually says “a man with the power of a million exploding suns.”  … know how this makes me feel? It makes me feel like punching myself in the face a few dozen times just so I can stop reading crap like this. (I know I can stop any time but I have an inability to put something down until I’ve finished the entire thing.)

It didn’t help that the art was crappy, and that’s all I really have to say about that. What a poor, poor showing for a character that was already disliked and an event that dragged on too long just to reset the status quo.

Here’s to a brighter Heroic Age, because at least I won’t have to see Sentry for a while.

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14 Responses to The Sentry: Fallen Sun

  1. Brandon says:

    Oh my gosh! I know, right? I hated this book too. There were like 6 other books I put on hold until next week because I would have been spending waay too much money, and I chose this garbage? Everything in the issue beats you over the head with itself. Perfect example of telling-not-showing. I saw a 4 star review for this over at CBR, and I couldn’t believe it.

    • Chantaal says:

      I went googling for reviews last night, and I couldn’t believe how many of the big comic sites were saying it was a touching tribute and they got all misty-eyed, and it’ll hold up in a year when you go back to re-read it.

      What are they all ON?

  2. I cannot even FUCKING begin with this horseshit.

    Listen, you Avengerpalooza morons, you want to wrack your feeble braintrust and squeeze your big crybaby fake Superman into continuity? Go ahead. Screw with the extent canon to your hearts content.

    But stay the hell away from the X-Men.


    • Chantaal says:

      The first thing I told Scott when I was reading (because naturally I WTFed at Scott the ENTIRE TIME) was I couldn’t even begin to imagine how pissed off you must be.

      I’m still WTFing all over the damn place.

      • uatu_the_watcher says:

        You can continue WTFing all over the place, because you yourself are a WTF.

        The Sentry is awesome – whats your bite on him?

        • Chantaal says:

          I don’t even know what being a WTF means, but okay.

          My problem isn’t with the Sentry himself, though this post probably points otherwise. My problem is the way the writers have tried to shoehorn Sentry into every aspect of the Marvel universe by retconning left and right without regards to how that retconning would affect characters.

  3. debasteitor says:

    well about cloc: it’s a robot created by sentry along with reed richards, supposedly it’s a superior IA and this is seen when the sentry is (“re”)introduced in the marvel universe and in the issue “sentry & fantastic four”.

    i see that the level of crapiness from this issue is like the one that “one more day” and “brand new day” had— the biggest problem is that they took the continuity and fuck that shit.. they say continuity?? my ass!!! and that’s pretty fucked up…

    • Chantaal says:

      Ah, okay. I guess he can show up in Sentry’s funeral issue, even if he hasn’t been around for a while.

      EXAAAACTLY. And it’s not just retconning so Sentry could have relationships with these people, but it’s retconning the most ridiculous KIND of relationships that’s the problem. Ugh.

  4. How can you expect them to actual carry a story over to multiple issues. If you have a book that is out to capture as much immediate sales as possible, they will not commit to having stories that run longer than a single issue.

    Sad but true for too many comic books recently.


    Steven G. Willis

  5. draco says:

    I think that the main problem with this book was that this felt like a screw you to Bendis after what he did with Jenkin’s character. Unfortunately, Jenkin’s convoluted mary sue approach to how the Sentry went out didn’t make matters any better-Like Rogue and Sentry? WTF? I don’t see Rogue ever giving Sentry the time of day just like Gwen willingly sleeping with Norman.
    I think this would have been better if they focused on what ever happened to Lindy’s body instead of all these idiotic retcons injected into Marvel history-How come she was never mentioned after her murder?
    As much as Bendis destroyed the Sentry, Jenkin’s contributed to this trainwreck as well with this book. Epic fail.

    • Chantaal says:

      I absolutely agree. I understand Jenkins being upset about Bendis screwing with Sentry, but this is all so ridiculous.

      • draco says:

        So true. If I would have written this book, I would have had it be like the “Death Of Superman” funeral a while back where a lot more people showed up or were seen such as the Blue Marvel, Norman Osborn and the rest of the Dark Avengers, etc. to show what their opinions were about the Sentry for better and worst-instead of focusing on how much Sentry influenced everyone( Which was bullshit all over), I would have it focus on how he was influenced by the Marvel heroes but fell short of accomplishing their greatness. Also, I would have liked to have known how Lindy’s death was resolved as she should have been buried alongside him.
        Plus, I never understood why people were mad at Thor for killing him when he had no choice in order to save everybody’s lives at Asgard? Again, this felt like another shot at Bendis by Jenkins.

        • Mike says:

          God damn, you’re so stupid.

          The retcons never affected other characters, but only the Sentry.

          In a way it was a great way to introduce a new character. A one of a kind way to be exact. It was original and cool.

          Sentry’s story had him being Reed Richards best friend. Does this take away from the decades of best buddy friendship Reed hat with Ben aka the Thing? No, you still have that continuity.

          Sentry’s story had him having a relationship with Rogue. Does his take away from Rogues relationship development she had in X-Men comics over the years? No, not at all. And to be honest, her relationships were kinda garbage anyway… Magneto anyone? If I have the choice between an old grandfather and a handsome blonde god, I’ll go with the latter.

          All of these retcons were there to expand on the Sentry’s existence and not to ruin your favorite characters and let’s not pretend like you care about the Fantastic Four and Tony Stark anyway.

          PS: Who knows, maybe Paul Jenkins had plans for the Sentry and Rogue in his third Sentry volume, which he wanted to publish. After all he also had CLOC saying that he would rebuild the Watchtower and wait for the Sentry and he also gave Reed Sentry’s diary with the infamous page 19 we haven’t heard off since.

          You’re basically just butthurt for the sake of being butthurt and that’s more annoying that tier 2 retcons.

          If you want a bad retcon to bitch about, then read the Black Cat story “The Evil that Men do” and start the shitstorm.

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