Catching Up with Mini Reviews!

For a while there I’d fallen behind on both reading and reviewing comics, but I’ve been determined to get all caught up before this week’s haul. For all that I’ve been reading, though, I’m going to keep the reviews (hopefully) short and sweet.

Spoilers for: Siege, Dark Avengers, Second Coming, Flash, Thor and the Warriors Four, Avengers: the Origin, New Avengers, Iron Man Noir, iZombie.


Siege #4 – Crappy ending for an event that could have gone so much better. I get why they were able to defeat the Void in the end, but it still felt like a bit of a cop out. So did Loki eventually dying (but not really, if the implications of the deal he made with Hela in his Siege one-shot mean anything). Story: 2/5, Art: 5/5

Dark Avengers #16 – I think I’ll have to go back and read all of Dark Avengers, because I like what I’ve read for the Siege tie-ins. A lot of loose ends are wrapped up neatly (I especially love Moonstone and Bullseye getting their asses kicked) and I even enjoyed Daken getting away, the sneaky bastard. What I loved most was Steve letting Hand keep her job. And of course, Norman locked away, making a point about superheroes (and villains) in a crazy rant to a hallucination of the Green Goblin. Story: 5/5, Art: 5/5

Sentry: Fallen Sun – I’ve ranted about this already, if you just check my last two posts. Ugh. Story: 1/5, Art: 3/5

Second Coming

Uncanny X-Men #524 (Second Coming Chapter 6) – As touching and heroic as Nightcrawler’s death in the previous chapter was, this funeral issue completely fell short. There are so many little things wrong with it (Iceman doing the service? Beast yelling at Cyke during the damn service?) that the issue didn’t go down so well. I know funerals are a luxury during a crisis like this, but man, this was Nightcrawler! He deserved better. And this proves yet again that Fraction is not the kind of man who writes the X-Men well. Story: 2/5, Art: 4/5

Second Coming Revelations: Hellbound #1 – I’m not a big New Mutants or New X-Men fan, so I have no real clue about Illyana’s past with both groups, but I really got what Yost was trying to get across here. Those being asked to go along with Cannonball to limbo didn’t have to like it, but Illyana is one of them, for better or worse. Seeing each member be talked into joining the hastily put together rescue team was great to read, and so was their initial step into limbo. Can’t wait to see how Team Fabulous fares as this goes on. Story: 4/5, Art: 4/5

New Mutants #13 (Second Coming Chapter 7) – An incredibly welcome pick up from where Uncanny X-Men dropped the ball. I love seeing how Hope is integrating into the mutant community (not well, in case you were wondering) and watching Bastion’s plan unfold. Story: 4/5, Art: 4/5


The Flash #2 – I’m still happy I’ve started reading The Flash, because I’m truly in the honeymoon stage with this book. I have no frame of reference for anything that’s happening, so everything is shiny and new. The story’s moving along a pace that’s easy for a new reader like me to follow, and there are some truly great hero moments for Bart along with the storyline coming into play. Story: 5/5, Art: 5/5

Thor and the Warriors Four #2 – This is easily becoming one of my favorite mini series ever. There is something so incredibly charming about it, from Thor telling the kids tales of his conquests, to Katie constantly calling Beta Ray Bill a pony, to Loki showing up and, finally, ODIN AND THOR AND BILL BEING TURNED INTO KIDS. The cuteness quotient is out of the freaking roof in this, but not so much that it turns off adult readers. Story: 5/5, Art: 5/5

New Ultimates #2 – All these different Ultimates/Avengers titles in the Ultimate Universe keep throwing me off and while I love them, I think I’m going to have to drop this one. I’ll be grateful that I got Tony/Carol in this universe, but there are too many random things going on that make no sense to me. Plus, Carol seems to have killed Hawkeye under whatever mind mojo she’s in. Damn you, Loeb. DAMN YOU. Story: 3/5, Art: 4/5

Avengers: The Origin #2 – Lame. And it makes me sad that I find it lame, because I love the original Avengers. This is what happens when you mess with something that was great in the first place, I guess. Story: 2/5, Art: 4/5

New Avengers Finale – I still can’t decide whether I really liked this or not. It was great getting a send off for New Avengers before they’re relaunched and it had some amazing moments (like Ms Marvel kicking ass, hell yeah) but it didn’t have quite the emotional weight it should have. Maybe I really lost touch with the NA toward the end, or maybe I’m sick of Bendis’s overuse of text boxes and bubbles. Story: 3/5, Art: 4/5

Iron Man Noir #2 – This continues to be loads of fun. Pepper and Tony’s banter is spot on and the way characters are integrated into this epic adventure in 1939 is great – especially Namor as captain of a pirate ship. There’s a great balance of serious adventure and light fun in this title. Story: 5/5, Art: 4/5

iZombie #1 – So, I’m not sure what I was expecting with this, even with all the favorable reviews I’ve seen floating around, but I’m glad I tried it out. This is more a supernatural story that just happens to have a zombie as the main character. I’m completely sucked in. – Story: 4/5, Art: 4/5


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  1. Scott says:

    …did we both arrive at calling them Team Fabulous independently, or did Mala pass that on? Did I say that to you and forget?

    If it’s the former, that is HILARIOUS.

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