30 Days of Marvel: Day 1

In the wilds of Tumblr, there’s a 30 Days of [Subject] Meme, where you expound on the topic on a given day. Thanks to some followers at F*ck Yeah Marvel (which I co-run), two different 30 Days of Marvel memes were made up, and I’ll be doing both. I’ve been trying to come up with new ideas for blog posts here other than comic reviews, and hopefully this is exactly what I need to keep me writing here on a regular basis.

I’ll be keeping the masterlist up here, which is linked in this blog’s main navigation.

Version 1, Day #1: Your favorite character.


Initially introduced as a legacy character, Theresa Cassidy is the daughter of Sean Cassidy, aka Banshee. As of the most recent X-Factor, she’s calling herself Banshee to honor Sean. She has a sonic scream just like her dad, but her power set has expanded to include vocal manipulation just as the sirens of myth.

When it boils down to it, she is the reason I’m as into comics as I am now. I read Y: the Last Man and Runaways before I started in on Peter David’s X-Factor, which was where I was introduced to Siryn, and fell head over heels in love. Here was a woman who was strong, outspoken, had down to earth issues with alcoholism and her father, things I could relate to. She was a badass, but still the kind of person I’d love to befriend and wanted to read more about.

After reading all of X-Factor, I went back and tracked down everything she was in, which lead me to the original X-Force, various X-Men, Deadpool, Spider-Woman, so on and so forth. From there I met other characters I liked, tracked them down, and it snowballed into the comic reader I am today.

Not only is she my favorite, but she’s the reason I love comics. Peter David continues to do her justice, and I continue to love her with every bit of my comic book loving heart.

Version 2, Day 1: The first comic that got you hooked on Marvel.


As mentioned above, X-Factor was the comic that fully introduced me to the Marvel universe as a whole. I’d only read Runaways before it, which was pretty self-contained. X-Factor is dripping in Marvel history, however, and as I grew to know and love these characters, I wanted to know more. The crossover over events — Civil War, Messiah Complex, Secret Invasion — pushed me to read more of them in detail, creating a spider web of connections and relationships and books and issues I wanted to read.

I love Peter David for keeping X-Factor alive, interesting, and my favorite book to this day.


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