30 Days of Marvel: Day 2

30 Days of Marvel masterlist.

Version 1, Day #2: Your favorite villain.


While he may no longer be classified as a villain where mutants stand now, you can’t deny he was a great one. What I loved most about Magneto was that it was easy to see just where he went wrong, where a slight deviation in the way he thought and felt made him Magneto instead of Xavier. You understand where he’s coming from, why he’s doing what he does, and almost feel like you could side with him.

That, and he’s a certified badass. You don’t mess with Magneto.

Version 2, Day #2: Why do you love Marvel?

Because of every character pictured above.

I think what made the Marvel universe so interesting for me was that growing up on cartoons, I wasn’t aware the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man or Captain America existed in the same universe. I had no clue they interacted, and as I began to read furthur, every relationship these characters had interested me.

I love the bromances, Spider-Man/Human Torch and Captain America/Iron Man especially. I love that Sue Storm has the Inhumans babysit her kids, that the X-Men took Ms. Marvel in, that the Avengers came together to protect the entire universe, and not just the threats each person/group had individually.

Ultimately, as I’m still getting to know the Marvel universe, it’s the events and relationships that keep me reading.


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