30 Days of Marvel: Day 3

30 Days of Marvel masterlist.

Version 1, Day #3: Your favorite diva.

Emma Frost

Dazzler came in at a close second, but ultimately, I love Emma more.  And what’s not to love? She’s a queen bitch and she thrives in the role, which makes for incredibly fun reading when she’s written right. I’m actually a fan of her original intro as part of the Hellfire Club (that era was great reading, period) but I love her even more as a white hat — especially because even though she’s a good guy, it doesn’t mean she can’t still be a bad girl from time to time. Sure, she dresses like she belongs in the Hellfire Strip Club, but you know what? She pulls it off.  [Art]

Version 2, Day #3: Favorite Marvel character.

Siryn, as previously posted.


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