June 23 comics

Tiny week, but any week with X-Factor is an awesome week for me.

Spoilers ahead for: X-Factor, Second Coming, Avengers, Fantastic Four.

X-Factor #206

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Valentine De Landro

Story: 5/5
Art: 4/5

What makes me love this issue most, what made me squeal with glee and dance in my seat was the theme of team and family in this issue. It makes me all kinds of deliriously happy to see the team finally back together as one, to see them all working together.

I loved Monet’s surprisingly adult deal with the power-sucking dude, I loved Shatterstar and Layla’s nonchalance after they saved Banshee, I loved Madrox and Longshot talking, only to have the two separate groups converge on the warehouse, I loved the ENTIRE TEAM KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES.

But, most of all, I loved the last panel.

There is a part of me that will always, no matter what’s going on with them, love seeing Terry and Jamie together, and the last 18 issues of them dealing with the loss of baby Sean in their own ways (while distracted by plot, of course) has been kind of painful for me.

Having the last panel be of the pair of them holding hands, Jamie cracking a joke and Terry telling him to shut up…jfks;afdl!! It’s so them, and it’s something I’ve missed so much lately. I’m so ridiculously happy, the rest of the book could have been crap and I wouldn’t have noticed one bit.

X-Men Legacy #237 (Second Coming Chapter 12)

Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Greg Land

Story: 5/5
Art: 3/5

I can’t believe there are only two chapters of Second Coming left after this.

I’m definitely tired of all the action and believe a few issues of this could have been condensed into one, but there are moments peppered throughout that still make it all worthwhile:

– Magneto being a badass again, and topping it all off with the statement that the young mutants will inherit the earth. How so awesome, Mags? How?
– Cypher’s moment of badassery.
– Hope’s moment of badassery with the giant f-off gun she undoubtedly got from Cable. How much do I love that she’s inherited the love for giant guns from Cable? So much.
– Storm’s moment of badassery.
– Basically, all the badassery in general.

However, Land ruins things with some truly awful shots, namely one that involves Domino’s gaping mouth and an expression that looks like she’s cheerleading, not worried about a team mate.

Avengers #2

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: John Romita, Jr.

Story: 2/5
Art: 3/5

I’m genuinely upset that I’m not enjoying the Avengers.

Between the storyline (yet another timeline malfunction, of course), the ridiculousness of Wonderman being a villain and the art, I find myself bored and even put off by this issue.

The addition of Noh-Varr seems a bit…silly, as does the way Tony Stark talks. There was way too much clever banter going on with too many people, and it all results in an overwhelming mash of confusion as the story tries to move forward.

I really like Wonderman, so I’m hoping he’s just on some kind of crazy juice, because his entire reason for being a villain this arc is that he told Steve Rogers he’d stop  him from making another Avengers team…because it hasn’t worked in the past? Sigh.

There weren’t any real high points in this issue for me, just parts that didn’t suck as much as the rest.

Fantastic Four #580

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Neil Edwards

Story: 5/5
Art: 4/5

At first, I was worried with the start of this issue that this would end up some kind of sulk-fest for Franklin. Reed ignores him in favor of his class — with good cause, but more on that later — and anywhere else, that would lead to Frankling being mean and upset for half an issue. But instead, we get Johnny taking Franklin and Leech to the Impossible Toys store, leading into a cameo from the Impossible Man, a little fight with Arcade, and half an issue of ridiculously good fun.

I especially love that Franklin and Leech’s initial toy desires were for Spider-Man and Iron Man toys, and Johnny’s exasperation. So adorable.

The heart of this issue, however, is the idea that the kids, as a whole, have come up with a cure of sorts for Ben. Though they can’t make him entirely human again, they’ve come up with a way to allow Ben the chance to be human for at least one week out of a year. Of course he takes it, and of course I choke up just a tiny bit.

This is exactly what Reed put the class together for, and I love watching this all pan out.

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