30 Days of Marvel: Day 6

30 Days of Marvel masterlist. A little behind, and for that I apologize! On with the meme.

Day #6: Your favorite organization.


Even though typing out those periods gets old after a time, I’ve always found everything about SHIELD (See? Tired already.) and Nick Fury in particular incredibly cool. It’s the combination of the outfits, the espionage, the kickass attitude Nick Fury has. And then there’s Maria Hill, who had balls almost as big as Nick’s, fitting enough for the head of SHIELD. I don’t know, something about them just screams cool, and I kind of want to be a SHIELD agent on the days when I’m tired of daydreaming about being a superhero.

Day #6: Favorite Issue.

Civil War: The Confession

The best thing about this entire issue? The set up.

We spend the whole time hearing Tony talk, reflecting on his and Steve’s choices, the paths they took that brought the Marvel universe to where it stood at this point in time. I’ve always found it impossible to pick between Tony or Steve during Civil War, and issues like this, that lay out Tony’s side of the story, are the reason why.

The reveal, though.

Never has a single image suckerpunched me the way this one did. I’m a fan of Tony and Steve’s friendship first and foremost, and seeing this, seeing Tony say the entire war wasn’t worth it because he’s lost his best friend? Breaks my heart on every level.

That isn’t even the END, though. Oh, no. We get a small flashback to the short time when Steve was in custody after turning himself in, and the pair have a chat:

I can’t even articulate how much I love this. That Steve is still so passionate despite giving up and being put behind bars, that Tony is still so Tony and can only confess his true feelings when Steve is dead, that this goes way, way beyond just the registration act. That there’s nothing left but a broken shell of the friendship they shared. This issue is half the reason I love superhero comics so much. Because beyond the costumes and world saving, they’re still people, friends, brothers-in-arms.


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