July 7 comics

Holy wow, last week was a huge comics week, so I’m going to keep things to mini reviews. Favorites include the return of Young Avengers, the end of Thor and the Warriors Four (cue tears) and the close of Second Coming.

I’m a little behind, considering I’ve only had two weeks to prepare for Comic Con after my awesome friends at All Things Fangirl asked me to help them cover press. I’ll have tons of scoops, interviews and panel write-ups at ATF when I get back from CC, so things will probably be a little slow around here for a week or two.

Spoilers for: Second Coming, Avengers: Children’s Crusade,Young Allies, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Thor and the Warriors Four, X-Men, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier, Fantastic Four Annual, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, I Zombie.

X-Force #28 (Second Coming Chapter 13): I still feel as though the last third of Second Coming could have been a bit more condensed, but that doesn’t take away from Crain & Yost’s writing or Choi & Oback’s art. Cable’s death was a huge blow to me — I saw it coming, but I read the Cable ongoing religiously, and fell in love with Cable and Hope’s relationship along the way. I’m really interested in seeing how Hope deals with his death in the future. And speaking of Hope, looks like all those thoughts that she’ll be the next host for the Phoenix host is right. The real star of these later Second Coming issues is Mike Choi and Sonia Oback’s art, though.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1: I read this the day it came out so my excitement has dulled down just a touch since then, but just the thought of more Young Avengers makes me SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY. And it makes me doubly happy that this will be focusing on Billy (who is my favorite) and Scarlet Witch (who I miss). Not to mention the adorable moment between Billy and Teddy, which I trust Heinberg to eventually turn into an on-panel kiss, which has been sorely missing in YA since it started years ago. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s bi-monthly, but it’s better than nothing, so I’ll take it. Happily.

Young Allies #2: I’m really, really enjoying this series so far. The Bastards of Evil make me happy in a silly way, and I really love these Watch the Group Come Together storylines. I still get a little peeved at how the “adults” are portrayed (although Reed Richards is that standoffish on a daily basis), but it’s still great.

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #2: Loooooving it. Between the Mr. & Mrs. Smith aspect of Clint and Bobbi’s relationship, the secrets, the Ruining Things Because He Thinks He’s Helping and Lincoln Slade kind of reincarnated as Jaime Slade…I’m enjoying this so much.

Thor and the Warriors Four #4: And of course, just when I’m working on trying not to be sad this little series is ending, it opens up with an incredibly touching moment between mom and dad Powers worrying about their kids and keeping us updated on Grandma Powers, reminding us just why this adventure is happening. I think that’s what my favorite thing about this series has been and why it’s been a success (aside from the sheer adorableness steeped in every panel) — that it’s still very much grounded in human emotion and tragedy.

Now for the fangirling: LOL BETA RAY BILL’S VARIOUS HAIR STYLES. Julie invoking poop namecalling! Alex Power is my new hero. “Thorse.” “Throg.” Donald Blake being Grandma’s doctor in the end! God, all these little moments make this series what it is. I love it so much. I forsee dozens of happy re-reads in my future.

X-Men #1: When I first heard about this storyline, I wasn’t sure about it at all. I enjoyed this issue, though. There was a good balance of narration and action, the story pushed forward in a natural way, and if it doesn’t get too crazy with the whole vampires thing, I think I’ll find myself enjoying it more.

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1: Can Ed Brubaker write Steve Rogers forever? I’ll be happy with that. This was a fun read, and I’m absolutely LOVING Steve Rogers as a covert spy and all aroud badass. Not that he wasn’t before, but it seems that much sexier, now that he’s in the sleek new uniform and out of the Captain America costume. I kind of wish Secret Avengers had waited a little bit for this to get off the ground so we have the transition from Cap!Steve to Spy!Steve, but you know what? I’m happy just to read Brubaker’s Steve. And again: Sexy. As. Hell.

Fantastic Four Annual: Johnny Storm is one of my favorites, so of course when I heard this would be about a pregnancy scare, I was all over it. Anything that gives my favorite matchstick some depth, I’m all over. Overall, this issue was a little bit of a disappointment. The storyline was a bit muddled — Psycho Woman uses tiny androids to get a random woman pregnant with Johnny’s baby? It’s all so much, especially just to have everything reset in the end thanks to a time machine. There were some great family moments throughout, but I just wasn’t as moved by this as I hoped I’d be.

Spider-Man and Fantastic Four #1: Johnny Storm and Peter Parker are one of my favorite comic bromances ever, but man, this was a disapointment. I actually had to stop reading a bit of a way in because it seems so…out of character? Ben’s “accent” is ridiculous, there’s way too much narrative (the only time you can try to write like Stan Lee is if you are Stan Lee), too much was going on at once and it was just…eh.

I Zombie #3: I’m really enjoying seeing how all the different characters are starting to interact and run into each other — especially Horatio and Gwen. I didn’t see that coming, though now that I think about it, I really should have. Anyway, this continues to be one of my favorite new series of the year.

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