July 14 comics

Another round of mini reviews, since Comic Con draws near and I try not to go out of my mind. Sweet sweet geekery, here I come.

Spoilers for: Second Coming, X-Force, Uncanny X-Men: Heroic Age, Avengers Academy.

Second Coming #2 (Chapter 14): Oh look, Xavier’s still around! And wow, I really love the one page of Hope curled up around Cable’s arm — that’s a true testament to how much art can say when done right. The infirmary scene was quite nice, especially Magneto pulling a badass moment while in bed. The funeral was lovely, as was Hope’s eulogy for Cable, but that chapter of this issue went straight down the damn toiler when Cyclops GOES OFF ON ROGUE FOR NO REASON AT ALL. What was that?! What is WITH people not knowing how to write Scott as a douchey commander when he’s so much more than that? Of course, the issue ends where everyone with half a brain believed it would — the return of mutants around the world. I have to confess, I got a little verklempt at that last page. This wasn’t the strongest ending for Second Coming, but it was a satisfying one.

Second Coming Revelations: Hellbound #3: Okay, I’m still really uncomfortable with Magik wrapped up in tentacles. That aside, OH MY GOD CANNONBALL HELL YES! It’s so great seeing Sam kick ass like we’ve all forgotten he can. I could take or leave the rest, just for that awesomeness alone.

X-Force: Sex & Violence #1: I was a bit worried about this when I first heard about it, but having read it now, I absolutely LOVE Wolverine and Domino. Neena’s one of those women I love but rarely read about lately, and though I still see her as Cable’s girl, I’m all over her and Wolverine. They make sex and violence (see what I did there?) kind of hot. What I love most is how playful Domino is throughout this entire issue. Also? RAZORFIST! HIS POWER IS HIS HANDS ARE SWOOOOORDS.

Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age: Oh my God, THIS is what the Avengers books have been lacking when it comes to bringing about the true Marvel Heroic Age. I have to say this might even pass Second Coming entirely when it comes to putting mutants on a new level. From Molly giving Beast hope to Franklin and Hope bonding to Steve Rogers giving Cyclops advice and then giving him the Medal of Honor to Scott realizing the path he needs to take…there is SO MUCH here to point to when asking what makes this issue so great.

Avengers Academy #2: I was with the issue all the way until the very end. I still find a mutant with Finesse’s powerset a little annoying, but having her narrate this was…not exactly eye opening, because she’s not unique, but it earned a bit more sympathy. I really enjoyed the snippets of the documentary about Quicksilver, which leads to the most ridiculous decision ever. I mean, am I the only one who didn’t see where her train of thought went to bring her to that??

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2 Responses to July 14 comics

  1. Scott says:

    God, yes, the heroic age tie-in for Second Coming might be my favorite part of the whole thing. I uploaded the ‘The X-Men are heroes. It’s time we started acting like it’ page and had it in a tab for, like, two days, I like it so much.

    Also, Molly punching out X-Men and calling them jerks needs to be a running joke.

    Sex & Violence IS good, I just wonder where it fits into continuity, since Wolvie has a girlfriend (and now, a private murdersquad, with DEADPOOL, but X-Force has been good to me, I’ll reserve judgment) in his solo issues. The… past, I suppose.

    • Chantaal says:

      Molly punching out X-Men is my favorite Molly OF ALL TIME.

      Sex & Violence has to be…what, before the tail end of Necrosha? Because Elixir is up and running, and isn’t Daredevil in charge of The Hand now, or something? IDEK, I’m just enjoying it.

      Deadpool on X-Force, though…eh. But more Fantomex is GOOD.

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