X-Women, aka Yet Another Male Masturbatory Fantasy

Now that I’ve posted my reviews, I can get my rant of the week out of the way:


What was the marketing like for this? Because I truly hope this wasn’t touted as another entry in Marvel’s attempt at pushing forward strong female created comics staring strong female characters.

I didn’t realize it was around until I saw it, and now that I’ve read it — more like skimmed, because I got through a few pages before I couldn’t read anymore but I couldn’t stop and kept skimming in growing horror — I have to wonder what the hell anyone was thinking making this.

I mean, okay, it’s Claremont, but that doesn’t excuse the suggestive clinging:

Or the suggestive positioning and suggestive threesome:


But you know what? All that sexual objectification is okay, because in the end, they enjoyed it!

Marvel, what the hell is the point of releasing empowering things like Her-Oes and Girl Comics when you still allow crap like this to be made? You’re erasing every step women take in comics by still releasing stuff like this — and not even trying to mask the rampant sexual objectification.

I’m going into the Women In Marvel panel next Sunday at Comic Con to remind myself that women are still doing great things in comics. And I really hope someone brings this up (or I will), because I want to see their take on it.


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13 Responses to X-Women, aka Yet Another Male Masturbatory Fantasy

  1. Dee says:

    I posted some of my thoughts here:

    Mainly? I agree with you. It’s insulting, is what it is.

    • Chris says:

      But…it’s Milo Manara artwork! Come on, what did you expect?

      • pseudicide says:

        I love his artwork, don’t get me wrong. It is a beautifully done book. But what it’s not is anything women-positive, and when Marvel has declared this the year of the woman, it’s insulting.

  2. bookfisher says:

    What did you expect it Milo Manara, great artist, but most of his work have been erotica, somewhat tastefull yes, but not anything you would leave around children and teens.

  3. cloudspitter says:

    Meh. Could be worse.

  4. Gene Ha says:

    I suspect this was a “Marvel style” script. Plot outline by page. The artist creates finished art. The writer comes back and dialogs the pages.

    I can’t believe Claremont, or any decent writer, would script the line, “We try to explain ourselves….and get bamboo gags for our trouble.” I bet Claremont wrote briefly that the bound prisoners are taken before the chieftan. Milo Manara decided to tie them up in bondage gear. The editors and Chris have to deal with it. Seriously, they lifted the prisoners’ hair out of the way before they tied the gags on? Is this an island of misfit hair stylists and stage costumers?

    I’m betting the editors thought pairing famously female-friendly writer Chris Claremont with any artist would create a female friendly book. But Milo Manara is 64 years old and isn’t gonna learn new tricks for anyone.

    If you gave an adjective free description of any of those pages, none of them are insulting.

  5. Angie says:

    It’s not so much the artist himself–I actually love Milo Manara and his borderline-softcore art when it’s his own work–as it is the choice of *Milo Manara* of all people for X-Women. It seems like a completely inappropriate and kinda insulting choice, yikes.

  6. Hromovlad says:

    Well, if it helps I may say that I seriously doubt that this thing was ever intended to be canon in the first place.

    The fact that the comic is drawn by non-other than Milo Manara, a renown Italian pornographic artist, clearly suggests that this little work is more of a “work of parody” (in a similar manner as most hentai dojinshis are) which got published under Marvel’s banner in an effort to earn their share on the niche market.

    Nothing to get too excited about

  7. Ryan M. says:

    Oh…Chris. Sigh. Claremont has really been lacking. Ever since I read New Exiles it is like he doesn’t know what to do with female characters. He got rid of all the cool female players in Exiles when he jumped on and made the remainder, mutant gals, ancillary at best. He could just be having fun, but if the story is really lacking, only there as the excuse of what I’ve seen above, then that’s pretty sad.

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  9. Benjamin Lopez says:

    Wow. I can’t believe they actually allowed that to be published. Thanks for the heads up, now I know to avoid this.

  10. che' mccrary says:

    I just happened apon this site, a little tarty, maybe, but I agree with you. Being the HUGE comicbook geek, and a guy, I see alot of questionable art work that really doesn’t belong in the books. The teams get ready for battle. The guys grab all the guns and armor they can. The women, on the other hand, take off as much as they can get away with. You don’t see the guys in erotic poses, but it’s like every one with a woman in it she is sexuailized in someway. You are right. it is highly disrespectful to the female readers and women in general.

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