30 Days of DC – Day 9

First title I was hooked on

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who reads comics and hasn’t heard of Batman.  Hell, I’ll go further and say that there’s likely no one exposed to Western media who’s not heard of Batman.  Batman and Gotham City, his rather corrupt and dark home, go together like… Well, like two things that go together.  I’ll say peanut butter and chocolate in this case.

The thing is, with all the crime in Gotham, and all the corruption, with a caped vigilante watching over your shoulder, what would it be like to be a cop in Gotham?

Gotham Central, a brilliant collaboration between Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka, answers just that question.  It’s a police procedural set in the heart of Gotham PDs Marjor Crimes Unit and it’s a brilliant book.  To this day Renee Montoya is a favourite DCU character, and I highly recommend this book to anyone, even those entirely unfamiliar with the DC Universe.

It was the very first DC book I read (individual issues aside), inspired by a visit from Greg Rucka to Oz, and the passionate way he spoke of the critically acclaimed but low-selling book.  I bought the first trade on the spot, and haven’t been disappointed once by it. It was a great introduction into a world I knew just bits and pieces about, and the tone and depth of writing still thrills me to this day.

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