30 Days of DC

Just as Melly is doing her 30 Days of Marvel, I’ve been doing my 30 Days of DC.  Yesterday you saw day 8, and I’m going to keep doing the rest of the days over here.  But, to catch you up, I thought I’d provide links to what my choices have been so far, and leave this post as a master list.

Day One: Favourite Character – Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress

Day Two: Favourite Villain – Jade Nguyen aka Cheshire

Day Three: Favourite Team – Secret Six

Day Four: Favourite Family – Roy and Lian Harper

Day Five: Favourite Civilian/Non-Masked Character – Commissioner Gordon

Day Six: Favourite Title – Secret Six

Day Seven: Favourite Artist – Nicola Scott

Day Eight: Favourite Writer – Gail Simone

Day Nine: First Title You Were Hooked On – Gotham Central

Day Ten: A Title You Wish You Could Bring Back – …I don’t have one
Day Eleven: Favourite Romance – Dick/Babs, but barely
Day Twelve: Favourite Friendship – Terra/Powergirl
Day Thirteen: Favourite Enmity/Rivalry
Day Fourteen: Favourite Legacy Character
Day Fifteen: Team-Up You’d Like To See
Day Sixteen: Favourite Live-Action Adaptation
Day Seventeen: Favourite Animated Adaptation
Day Eighteen: Favourite TV Episode
Day Nineteen: Favourite Game
Day Twenty: Favourite Fanwork
Day Twenty-One: Favourite Power
Day Twenty-Two: Favourite Costume
Day Twenty-Three: Favourite Weapon
Day Twenty-Four: Favourite Vehicle/Method Of Transportation
Day Twenty-Five: Favourite Crossover Event
Day Twenty-Six: Favourite Mini or OGN
Day Twenty-Seven: Favourite Elseworld
Day Twenty-Eight: Most Memorable Death
Day Twenty-Nine: Most Welcomed Retcon
Day Thirty: If I Could Undo Anything…

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  4. Amazing! I will have to read these when I can :)

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