Catching up with mini-reviews!

After very crazy, very awesome Comic Con – which involved standing five feet from Stan Lee, of all things – I’m finally catching up on all my comics from the past two weeks. Mini-reviews are the way I’m going this week!

Spoilers for: X-Factor, Fantastic Four, X-Men Legacy, Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Black Cat, Her-Oes, New Mutants

X-Factor #207: For the first time, I haven’t been surprised at all by something Peter David promised would be. He kept touting the end of #207 as something akin to the baby birth issue, but Rahne coming back and walking in on Rictor and Shatterstar was almost predictable. Everything else about the issue was good – I especially loved Siryn Banshee’s part in it, but I’m biased because I love everything she does, so. I’d love to see the multiple plots start to merge, because it’s starting to feel too much like an X-Men book with how across the board every storyline is. And FINALLY, a decent artist again!

Fantastic Four #581: I think I’ve reached a point where Hickman’s storyline is going right over my head. I’ve loved it in the past, and I still love it to some extent now, but…there has to be a payoff some time soon. That time isn’t now, and I’m getting a little weary of it.

X-Men Legacy #238: Iiiiinnnnteresting. It’s really good getting away from the darkness of Second Coming, and I like the new storyline. Not so sure we need alternate universe versions of Sentinels around, though.

The Avengers #3: Ugh. I’m finding this less and less enjoyable as the issues go on. It’s an interesting concept, but nothing about the execution is doing it for me.

New Avengers #2: And another one of Bendis’ titles that isn’t doing it for me. I like that things are moving along quickly, but there just isn’t any real substance to this story. At least these characters are a much better fit for Bendis’ writing style, and I’ll give it past this story arc, unlike Avengers.

Secret Avengers #3: I kind of just want to squeal girlishly every time I read this new title. Everything about it is perfect – the story telling isn’t so over the top but it isn’t simple either, the art is beautiful, and the characters are all so much fun to get to know in this context. Easily still my favorite of all the Avengers books so far.

Uncanny X-Men #526: I enjoyed this story, especially Hope getting to know where she came from, but the art. The art, oh my god, it’s horrible. Thankfully the really nice Heinberg/Copiel Young Avengers on Utopia backup was enough to sate me after having to deal with it. I love my babies. (And this serves as an explanation for why Magneto would suddenly find himself in NYC at the end of Children’s Crusade #1.)

ASM Presents: Black Cat #2: This gets a lot more fun and intriguing as it goes along. I really wish Felicia could get her own ongoing or a longer LS; I love reading her.

Her-Oes #4: This wrapped up pretty quickly, but overall I approve of this little outing. It was a great way to get teenage girls into comics. Plus, there was a little cameo by a teenaged Ms Marvel at the end, instant approval!

New Mutants #15: I’m glad I read the New Mutants as part of Second Coming, because they’re yet another team I’m growing fond of (it helps that I already loved them thanks to the original X-Force). This arc seems interesting already, even though the art keeps throwing me off – most of the girls look like forty year old men at times.

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