30 Days of DC – Day 10

I know, I’ve slacked.  Mostly because Day 10 is a huge stumbling block for me.  The title I wish I could bring back? I don’t really have one.

Six months ago, I would have given you a simple answer.  There only was one title I wanted brought back, and that was Birds of Prey.  Now?  Now I HAVE that title back and I don’t know.   (Also, if you’re not reading it, you should be, and picking it up at Issue 1 of the new run is as good a place as any to start)

Gotham Central?  Hrm.  It was good, but I don’t have a gaping hole where it’s not.  Manhunter would be awesome again, but I still haven’t quite finished the old series.  Suicide Squad… It’d be cool, but I kinda like where they’ve left things.  Are there characters I miss and want to see back?  Yes!  Are there creative teams I want back on books?  ABSOLUTELY.  Right now, though, I’m pretty happy.

The full 30 Days here


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