Time Bomb #1

I came onto this blog to do DC reviews, mostly, and it seems I’ve done everything but.  For good reason in this case.

Time Bomb, a three issue miniseries written by the team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and with amazing art by Paul Gulacy is a book I didn’t actually expect to love.  For all that I hold the opionion that Palmiotti and Gray can do no wrong (See: Jonah Hex, Terra, Powergirl) this story sounded… Well, it sounded bad actually.  Nazis and time travel?  You have to be kidding me.

What these two have managed to do is create a story that surprised me.  A Nazi failsafe device is discovered and set off, leaving humanity all of 72 hours before they’re pretty much annihalated.  A team of four is sent back a few days in order to stop this from happening.  Only, as happens, they’re sent back into the middle of World War II Germany.  The usual caveats about changing the future don’t apply to these folk, seeing as if they don’t succeed, humanity will die anyway.

The good things?  The story.  It moves quickly and constantly.  The book is 50+ pages and wow is it packed full.  The art is amazing and suits the story so well.

The not-so-good things?  Hrm, actually, I don’t know if this is not so good, but the story is overarcingly plot driven and less character driven.  I think in a three issue series, however, that can be a very good thing, and there have definitely already been a few interesting and sometimes amusing insights into the characters.  We need the plot to catch us and fraw us in and they’ve succeeded with that entirely.

My favourite pages have no text at all.  Gulacy’s amzing  art and the stunning colouring on the book are displayed perfectly, and show a reaction to what’s happening that is intense and brilliant.

Verdict?  Palmiotti and Gray have done it again, and I’d like more please.  This is worth the $5 US for the book, and I would definitely pick it up.


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