Random Awesome: The Devil Inside

This year at Comic Con, I had the good fortune to visit Dennis Calero’s booth in Artist’s Alley and discover he was creating a new web series with actor Todd Stashwick (of Supernatural and Heroes fame). Both guys were great; over the days I got to chat with Todd, and Dennis even added an adorable sketch to the copy of X-Factor I asked him to sign.

But I digress.

I promised to blog about it and get the word out — I’m a liiiittle late on that promise.

The Devil Inside is a weekly web comic they’ve created, a “guns blazing, white knuckled, preternatural joy ride to hell and back.” Eight pages are up so far, each better than the last, and Calero’s art is perfectly suited to this style of story telling. I’m genuinely enjoying The Devil Inside, and will happily pimp it out to anyone who’ll listen.

(AC/DC’s “TNT” just started playing on iTunes as I finished this post. Perfect or what?)

Dennis Calero | Todd Stashwick

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