Time Bomb Issue 2

Time Bomb #2

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Artist: Paul Gulacy

Story: 5/5
Art: 5/5

Normally I don’t do individual issue reviews, but this week I only bought two books, both of which were superb.  Besides which, I wrote a review for the first issue of Time Bomb and after reading this issue I couldn’t stop myself.

What is there to not like about this story?  Time Travel to Nazi Germany in order to save the world from a doomsday device that is going to destroy our future.  Honestly, if this was a movie, I’d be going on opening night.  It’s not a movie, it’s a three issue comic at 50+ pages each and this second issue is everything the middle part of this trilogy should be. The story develops quickly, the dialogue is dense where it needs to be and moves swiftly where it should.  There’s a level of tension that increases steadily throughout the book, until the very last frame left me desperately wanting the next issue now.

The writing isn’t the only thing that’s  brilliant about this book.  Paul Gulacy’s art is stunning, and blends so well with the story and the narrative as to be one cohesive unit.

There really aren’t any bad things I can say about the book.  In fact, you can get the first issue on Comixology for $1.99 which is an EVEN better reason to start reading the book.

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