Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

As huge (and I mean huuuuuge) a crush I have on Chris Evans, when news first came out of him being cast as Captain America, I was optimistic, but tried to be realistic. Unless we can bring Paul Newman back from the dead or convince Marvel about Mark Valley, nobody’s really going to be perfect for Captain America. Chris Evans is a great actor, he’s familiar with Marvel, and he’s a name that will put butts in theatre seats. Last night, that was where I stood on this casting.

Then this happened.

(We’re going to ignore the prosthetic feet, they’re freaking me out.)

Despite not being as blonde as Steve Rogers should be, I think when it comes to looks, they’ve got it down. Chris has really buffed up for the part, and in these shots of him filming, he reminds me a lot of Dale Eaglesham’s take on Steve in the current Steve Rogers: Super Soldier title. With these images, and the set photos of a Cap stunt double from a couple weeks ago, I think looks wise, Marvel is on the right track.

More images and news on this via Comic Book Resources.


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