Chantaal’s current favorite titles

For week two of our favorites, Dee and I will be listing our top three favorite on-goings. These are actual runs, not limited or ended series.


This is the book that broadened my horizons, the book that made me fall in love with the Marvel universe, the book that introduced me to my favorite character. I have half a million more reasons why I love this book, but I’ll go with the obvious: the characters.

Peter David created a fantastic noir feeling with his relaunch of X-Factor (which technically began with the Marvel Knights: Madrox limited series before it), and that was what drew me to the book initially. Having such a motley cast of characters solve mysteries instead of save the world? My idea of a good time.

Though the book has had its ups and downs (more downs lately, with all the time travel), the most recent story arc is bringing X-Factor back to the good days. That, and the run of horrible, horrible artists might finally have come to an end.

The Walking Dead

Though Marvel is where my heart lies, The Walking Dead is absolutely one of my favorite current series across the board. I was a little skeptical at first, because it doesn’t seem as though a zombie apocalypse can last outside of a two hour movie, but I was happily proved wrong. I read through six trades in one day, and tracked down all the single issues afterwards.

What makes The Walking Dead so superb is the fact that it’s a character series over everything else. Sure, there are zombies, but it’s the stories that live in every survivor, in the way they change as people in this new world that really keeps me reading. 77 issues in, and I’m still highly invested in their lives (and deaths).

I, Zombie

I know it looks like I have a thing for zombies, but it’s more a thing for great writing and fantastic ideas.

I’ve reviewed a few issues so far, and my favorite thing about I, Zombie is the way Gwen’s life and the lives of her supernatural friends blend into the real world. I love that Gwen is a modern day take on a zombie, I love that she has a ghost BFF, I love that she’s encountered a werewolf (wereterrier, more like), a mummy, and even the hunters who eradicate them.

It’s a fresh new take on a genre I love, and I have high hopes for this series as it moves on.

About Chantaal

A book reading, nail polish hoarding, makeup loving, TV marathoning, comic book talking Philosophy major. I want to be Rashida Jones when I grow up.
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4 Responses to Chantaal’s current favorite titles

  1. Leshia says:

    The Walking Deeeeeeeeeeeeead. <3333333 It's been my number one for a good long while, now, and I don't think a comic has EVER made me need to go sit down the way that issue 55 did.

  2. pseudicide says:

    Oh man, I NEED to read Walking Dead.

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