1 Month 2 Live

1 Month 2 Live

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Andrea Mutti

Story: 4/5
Art: 4/5

I’ve had 1 Month 2 Live on my to read list forever, and it wasn’t until given a reccommendation on twitter (thanks @EsEzmond) that I finally picked it up. (That, and my lack of internet for a few days last week, which left me with very little to do but catch up on all my reading and television.)

In trying to put my thoughts together on this series so far, all I can come up with are negatives, and I try my best never to start out a review that way. It’s a great idea to start with, I have to say, and the writing is good. I love the idea of a regular guy getting powers because he wanted to help someone – he was already a hero, he didn’t need powers to be a good guy. Of course, he got a steaming bag full of medical waste down his gullet for his trouble, and develops late stage cancer along with his new powers.

Filling out the space between the idea is what’s bothering me, I guess; it feels as if I’ve seen all of this before. The orphaned niece who’s a huge brat, quitting and telling off his boss in the process, robbing from a bank then getting caught and let go by Spider-Man when taking the money back. Half of the first issue is a greally great idea padded by the usual.

When you get past that first issue is when it really starts to get good. Dennis doesn’t tell his wife and niece he has cancer right away, and he asks Spider-Man to teach him how to be a superhero with what little time he has left. There are some fantastic moments with Spider-Man, everything from trying to pick out a superhero name to Spidey giving Dennis a gorgeous view of New York. Of course, the Fantastic Four tap Dennis for help in the third issue (Ben Grimm just happened to be there when he first got hurt, and Reed patched Dennis up), going so far as to take him into outerspace with them to stop Ego, THE LIVING PLANET (sorry, I feel I have to do that every time I talk about him) from eating up an entire galaxy.

I’ll keep from talking about the rest of the story so as not to give it all away (and there’s still an issue left), but in the long run, I really enjoyed this. There are shining moments in this series, and the core of the story, the idea that we should all take life by the throat and really live, try to change the world in any way we can, is what I love most.


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