NYCC Roundup – Part Two

Here’s the second half of my NYCC recap, which I know you’ve all been waiting for.  I’ve already rambled on a bit about Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke and Gail Simone, but I haven’t done much else have I?

I’ve been asked about panels, and the truth is, I didn’t make any.  I had a couple I meant to go to, but late nights out drinking with old friends and new meant getting up and to the Javits at an early hour was just out of the question.  By the end of the day, we just wanted to get back to the apartment and order in food – food that was some of the most glorious I’ve ever eaten, and very pork heavy.  You had to be there.  Anyway, no panels so no reporting on that from me.  Just a lot of silly stories and art.

If you’re not listening to the Where Monsters Dwell podcasts or checking out their blog, you really should be.  They host the Listen to Jimmy podcast as well, and if you’ve ever wanted to listen to a guy from Brooklyn who has likely forgotten more about comics than most people could learn in a lifetime ramble on about the industry, movies, and just general stuff, then you should head that way.  Their WMD podcasts are also great, and I’m happy to have hooked up with Mike and Remy and made their acquaintance.

One of the other highlights this weekend was walking past Adam Hughes in the white Power Girl dress as he was doing an interview.  He stopped, looked over at me and told me I looked hot in the dress.  Damn fine praise from the man who designed it.  Also cool was the guy who took a photo of me with his copy of Power Girl opened to the page where she’s wearing that dress.

This con I’d introduced my con-going companion to the concept of free head sketches.  She’d no idea that if you go up to an artist signing at a label booth (or sometimes at their own artist’s alley table) they’ll often do free (or cheap) quickie sketches for you, as opposed to more involved con commissions.  We both had sketchbooks, and she amassed quite the Black Canary collection.  Me, I jumped around, with my favourites being Painkiller Jane I posted in the last part of the recap, Dustin Nguyen’s Huntress sketch, Amanda Conner’s Power Girl and the Streaky I asked Jamal Igle to do.  Hey, I love the super pets!  I love their relationship with the heroes, and their personalities.  Though, for a moment I think Jamal couldn’t believe just what I’d asked him for, it turned out wonderfully.

There were so many other great moments.  I’d pre-booked a commission from Jim Calafiore of Catman, which I picked up Sunday and am in love with.  My friend had managed to ask Amanda Conner at Baltimore for a Power Girl and Stinky sketch, which turned out perfectly.  She had a choice of two, and they were both gorgeous, and so humorous.  I love how Amanda just gets the characters she draws, and so often portrays bits of their personality you may not otherwise see but are still just THEM and so in character.


"Sometimes when tremendous power fails, a superhero resorts to bribery"


I picked up a lot of other bits of art, and quite a few prints. I grabbed art cards from Agnes Garbowska, and then decided I wanted one of her sketches as well.  She drew me this Power Girl, and accidentally included a Stinky, much to my delight and her confusion when I started pointing at it and excitedly saying ‘STINKY’.  I think she thought I saw the drawing was stinky, until I made it clear that I loved it.  I showed it to Amanda Conner the next day and was so glad I brought it back to the con with me to do that when I saw the huge grin on Agnes’ face, and the way she RAN across the convention center to talk to Amanda and give her one of her books.  I mean, as an artist, it’s really awesome to have an artist you admire and respect say something nice about it.  Apparently Amanda recounted the story I told her about it, which had been Agnes and my conversation pretty much word for word.

My other finds were some David Mack Kabuki prints, Billy Tucci’s amazing Jonah Hex cover, Amanda Conner’s super kick ass Painkiller Jane and a Batgirl I just couldn’t walk past by Matthew Fletcher.  Check my flickr account (most of these images link to it) to see them.

Of course, the cute award goes to Katie Cook for her five dollar mini sketch cards.  My Lockheed sketch card (I told you I like the animal companions!) is perfect.

I met quite a few people, Geektress, Nerdy Bird, a few costumers from the Superheroes costuming forum I’ve recently become a part of.  I hung out with Javi Grillo-Marxuach who recognised me from a twitter pic, and ended up spending all of Friday night talking to him.  I met Bryan Glass who remembered me from a phone call at Baltimore Con (long story) and I am in love with Mice Templar.  I hung around with Gail Simone and Scott, and got to talk to Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda.  I had brunch with Nicola and a bunch of other people today, hung out the other nights with the Aussie Posse and some Marvel folks.  I had a great time on my NYCC trip, and I’m definitely going to be back.

I’m going to end this post and my recap with something that I love, and really, you should too!  Kids who Cosplay.


His dad would say 'do wolverine' and the kid would stick out his claws and go 'grrr'


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4 Responses to NYCC Roundup – Part Two

  1. Erica says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your experience with those of us who were unable to attend.

  2. Tom says:

    I was the other person that got a commission from Amanda Conner of PG and stinky from Baltimore, so you guys must have gotten to her in NY first since I didn’t have a choice of mine. I love the one I got, just found it funny that she got two identical requests. Funny how google finds these things.

    • pseudicide says:

      We did get to her first, in fact. Yours was also made of awesome, I have to say, but the Tuna can won my friend’s heart.

      I do love that! I think Stinky is one of the greatest creatures ever, and I love his interaction with PG. I even got her to sign the WW story she did of them.

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