Dinner & Drinks with the Hero Initiative!

I promised more info on last night’s awesome dinner hosted by the Hero Initiative, which Dee was so awesomely kind as to buy me a ticket for.

It was incredibly mellow and great, everyone talking comics and movies and alcohol and jobs and everything in between. Having discussions about comics with creators and fans alike was a great experience for me, where most of my comics discussions take place online.

Jimmy Palmiotti was fantastic, as were Amanda Conner, Dave Johnson, Tim Bradstreet and Tom Jane. Tom arrived late, but didn’t let that stop him from enjoying the party, and he even joined in with the restaurant’s lounge singer in a couple of Beatles songs. (I have video, even though my poor little cell phone camera is poor. I might upload it.) My fellow fans were great too, as we all bonded over comics and pop culture.

I’ve only a few so-so pictures, since my camera’s phone is lame in indoor light:

Jimmy + cotton candy!

A fan brought along a book called Seduction of the Innocent, which warns about the baaaad influence comics has on the young, and asked everyone to add something to it. This is Amanda drawing Power Girl, and can I say how thrilled I was to be able to sit across from her and just watch her whip up a Power Girl sketch in about five to ten minutes? They said they’ll take it around to a few more cons, add more to it, and eventually donate it to the Hero Initiative to be auctioned off.

Lastly, Amanda pulled out a ton of prints, and told us that for being there and helping out the Hero Initiative, we would all get one signed from her. I was excited, but when I got a look at the prints – three Power Girl, one Supergirl, one Catwoman and one Iron Man vs She Hulk arm wrestling, I couldn’t pick!

As I was working through my dilemma (Power Girl pose or She Hulk beating Iron Man?), Tom Jane came over to look at the prints. I put both side by side, and asked him which would he choose. After a few moments, he picked Iron Man vs She Hulk. So, hey, I can kinda say Tom Jane picked out the print I have signed by Amanda Conner, can’t I?

Then, I told her about Dee (she remembered you from NYCC!) and asked if she could kindly sign another print for her, since I was only there because of her. So, Dee, the Power Girl print is for you, and I’ll have it out in the mail as soon as I can. :D

I was sad to leave, but I had a fantastic time. So much thanks to Dee for getting me the ticket, and the Hero Initiative, for being awesome hosts.


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A book reading, nail polish hoarding, makeup loving, TV marathoning, comic book talking Philosophy major. I want to be Rashida Jones when I grow up.
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2 Responses to Dinner & Drinks with the Hero Initiative!

  1. Great review of what seems to have been a great time for a great cause.

  2. tom jane is sooo freaking cool. i would have chosen that one as well, power girl is a dime a dozen now…soooo jealous.

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