Discovery of the Year – Gronk

It’s rare to be able to catch a webcomic from its inception.  So many times I’ve discovered something years in, and had to go back and catch up on things.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy that too.  But seeing a webcomic start and develop is also brilliant.  Gronk gives us that chance exactly.

I was lucky to meet Katie Cook at NYCC.  I have quite a few sketch cards she did at the con and a lovely book that captures her cat (and mine too).  I came home and started looking at her website.  It was when I discovered Gronk.

To give a bit of perspective, I grew up in a neighborhood without many kids. I lived for our summer holidays in Brooklyn, and traveling around the US and Canada. I had a brother and sister 10 and 8 years older than I was and I was used to playing and being on my own.

Due to this, there was a fantasy world I constructed. It changed all the time, but I was entirely happy with my own company. There were monsters good and bad in my world, and adventures to be had. Gleefully I went forth on many an adventure, with only the monster in my mind as a companion, and I was entirely okay with that. It was something that was, and it was brilliant. Imaginary friends? Not so much. But monster companions? Absolutely.  Did I see myself as different than the rest of the world?  Yes, a bit.

Imagine my joy when I discovered Gronk. It’s not my story, but the story of a monster who doesn’t fit in where she’s from. She goes and explores, and her experiences are what Katie Cook is telling us. Yet… I somehow feel like this is a page out of my childhood, and a bit like my experience.  But it goes beyond that and is brilliantly more.

This is an amazing webcomic, and you all should go take a look. Gronk is delightful and so easy to love. She’s an adorable monster who loves kitties and just wants to get along in our world cause the monster world isn’t for her. It’s a real mix of funny and poignant that just works.

Katie’s art seems so simple but it truly isn’t.  It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and I wish I could draw like that.  Heck I wish I could draw, period, but the way she makes a very few lines convey something so much greater is brilliant.

I think we’ve all been there.  We’ve all been Gronk – out of place, enthusiastic, trying to fit in and not quite understanding why we should.

My discovery of the year goes to Katie Cook and her lovely creation, Gronk.
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3 Responses to Discovery of the Year – Gronk

  1. Amy says:

    I adore Gronk so very much. It’s my weekly squee.

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