Dear Yule Penguin

As you wake from your slumber in the South Pole, and prepare to swim north to provide all the waiting boys and girls their presents (and sometimes a regurgitated fish) to commemorate the winter/summer solstice (hemisphere dependent), I thought I would provide a list of wishes that that would make my geek heart sing.

1) I would like San Diego Comic-Con to sort out their ticketing woes.  Heck, what I’d really like is a press pass, but I’ll settle for a ticketing system that works so my friends and I can get our passes.  Jordi Bernet is going to be there, people, and neither hell nor high water could keep me away.

She-Hulk by Amanda Conner


2) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray on She-Hulk, even as a mini-series.  In fact, if it could be a She-Hulk/Tigra mini I think I just might die a happy girl.

Tigra by Amanda Conner

3) For local conventions to bring me Gail Simone, Jimmy and Amanda.  Oh wait… Yule Penguin, you have provided this for me already. I thank you and will leave a plate of cod by my door.

4) Whoever the new Wonder Woman writer is, please let them be awesome.

5) For Thor the Mighty Avenger to be un-cancelled

6) Wonderflex.  Seriously, you can’t get it in Australia, and it’s stupidly expensive to order in.

Darwyn Cooke Jonah Hex Cover


7) For everyone who reads this post to buy an issue of Jonah Hex, and give it a shot.  In fact this trade is a great place to start with brilliant stories and art.  Seriously, have I steered you people wrong yet?  Take a chance, you’ll thank me later!

8 ) Bring back Knockout

Knockout, who is so missed!

9) The skill, dedication and lack of procastination to pull off my INSANE LIST OF COSPLAY PLANS.

10) A trip to Disney World (What, I can be a BIT selfish, right?)

Thank you Yule Penguin.  May you swim deftly and avoid all seals and sharks


(Readers, what are your 10 geek wishes, comic related or otherwise?  Share with us!)

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Canastralian. Cosplayer. Comic book addict. Travel addict. Convention addict. ...I think that's a lot of addictions and I might need a 12 step program
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8 Responses to Dear Yule Penguin

  1. oddfellow says:

    Yeah, your #3 robbed me of getting to see/meet Gail Simone this year! I was hoping to see her at Emerald City Comic Con but they landed on the same weekends. But I’m nice and I’ll give her to you this year, only because she is relatively close to me and I have pretty good chances of see her at that con another year…that and don’t control Gail in any way shape or form. :)

    • pseudicide says:

      Awww, I’m sorry! But it’s a thing here in Oz and NZ, we only have a few cons a year, and only get 2-3 comic guests at each con. It’s expensive to get people out here, and that means we will never get the variety like at the US cons. So, I’m always very happy when we do get guests that I want to see.

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  3. Jade Carver says:

    1. A sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog.

    2. The rest of the Buffy comics. I am avoiding spoilers like the plague at the moment.

    3. Felicia Day to come to Supanova next year.

    4. To get published in something more meritous than the uni rag (which would mean I’d have to get off my butt and write more!)

    5. The new Buffy movie to either get Joss on board or be cancelled.

    6. Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood.

    7. All of Castle on DVD (it’s Nathan Fillion so that makes it geeky, right?).

    8. The next bit of Deathly Hallows to be out, y’know, NOW-ish?

    9. Changing Ways volume 2 to be out. WANTWANTWANT.

    10. A Stargate pendant. I have seen some super awesome ones.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi there, our supplier has notified us about this journal. Our company; Australian Taxidermy Supplies does indeed supply Wonderflex, we have only recently aquired Wonderflex to distribute around Australia, so if you wish to purchase some sheets, feel free to email the owner Dianne at

    We still have plenty of sheets in stock as word hasn’t really gotten around yet to the cosplay community.

    • pseudicide says:

      Cool! I just got your email (it’s been a busy day) and I’ll likely be buying some soonish. Just have to play with my budget to work it out. I’ll try and spread the word around the cosplay community here, though.

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