Chantaal’s Favorites: Miniseries

I’m incredibly slow, but I got there! Alas, between my laptop completely dying and not having reliable internet access, I’ve had little time or focus on blog posts. I’m hoping that’ll change soon, though!

Anyways, on with my favorite minis. I feel like I have a split personality with these.

Thor and the Warriors Four

Writer: Alex Zalben
Artist: Gurihuru

I’ve reviewed each issue of Thor and the Warriors Four as it came out, and I’ve made no secret of my absolute love for it. At first glance many may think it’s just a comic for kids and brush it off – and in the past, you’d probably be right when it came to a book starring the Power Pack. This is so much more, though, and not just because it involves Thor teaming up with Power Pack.

This miniseries is the perfect balance of what Marvel needs more of these days; light-hearted books that span every age group, but doesn’t sacrifice good storytelling. Gurihuru’s art may be cutesy, but it’s absolutely brilliant, and fits the tone the book sets. Alex Zalben does a fantastic job merging Thor and Power Pack’s worlds, as well as coming up with a very human storyline for the Power family to kick things off and lead into the super storyline. This is a story about love of family, at its heart.

If you do give it a chance, you’ll also get baby Asgardians and Beta Ray Bill in an afro. Tell me you can resist that.


Writer: Greg Schigiel
Artist: Jacob Chabot

It may seem that I may skew toward the kid-friendly books when it comes to minis, but that’s only because there were plenty of great ones out this year and last. X-Babies was definitely one of them, and as an X-Men fan since I was 11, I couldn’t resist. The story is straight up X-Men fare, with the X-Babies fighting their way through different channels in a very Mojoworld-like situation.

Though I didn’t find it as emotionally satisfying as Thor and the Warriors Four, it was still an incredibly fun romp. Especially when it came to the last issue, where the X-Babies fight (evil!) baby versions of any and every mutant you can think of, from Maggot to Dazzler to Domino and yes, even Deadpool. This series is absolutely worth it for the cute moments and the fun of going through the last issue for an hour, making a list of every mutant  you can recognize.

Which I totally did.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Writer: Various
Artist: Various

This isn’t a surprising addition to my list if you’ve read my reviews on this miniseries. While it definitely appeals to specific tastes (as in, someone who actually enjoys the show for what it is), I realized I found it one of my favorite recent series.

For more on it, you can read my review from October here.

Dee and I are working on our favorites of 2010 list, so look out for that post soon!

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