Dan Luvisi

I realised after posting the best of 2010 that I missed a few things that should have gotten a mention.  At the same point, there are few off that list I’d be able to remove.

So I decided that – in this case – Dan LuVisi needed his own post.

A brilliant artist, Dan took over the covers for Secret Six partway through the series.  The covers were darker than the ones I was used to, and yet they suited the series perfectly.  Each month the covers have shown in preview and each month many of us have been filled with glee at them.  So I thought I’d showcase a few here.

Before that, I thought I’d mention Last Man Standing: The Killbook of a Bounty Hunter. His original work now in film development.  It’s something I need to get my hands on, and soon!

And now, onto the Secret Six covers, and the many many reasons you should love Dan LuVisi and what he does.

Let’s start with the cover I love the most, and that resonated the most.  The Catman voodoo doll.  According to Gail, this was done a while before the issue, and Jim Calafiore then worked the doll into the issue.

Catman Voodoo Doll Cover

Dan has one of these made by me. As do Gail and Nicola. Only Jim needs one now!

I love this image, because I love the fury of Bane captured in this painting.

The regret and reflection in this is brilliant.  I adore it.  It’s Catman playing with a mouse.  So natural and yet so out of place.

One of my favourite images for all that Dan apparently doesn’t like it as much.  I love the detail and the smoke – the way the bluffs blur in the background.

This is a cover with so much detail.  The grass, the reflection in the blood…  It captures everything and beautifully so.  Dan seems to love Catman, and I’m entirely okay with that.

And finally, what truly should have won my cover of the year.  Bane riding a dinosaur.  It’s brilliant, it’s well painted, it’s strong, and it’s stunning.  How can you not love this??? If you don’t, there’s something wrong with you! In fact, I’ll be making a Bane plushie and a dino plushie and you can see where this is going!

Check out Dan LuVisi’s site.  He’s an amazing artist, and I can’t wait to see more from him!

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