Most Memorable Moments of Marvel Women

Recently the brilliant and ever interesting DCWomenKickingAss started a rather epic project, trying to identify what readers considered as the most memorable moments from DC Women.  She started by asking for suggestions on twitter and tumblr, and from the 135 suggested ran polls to narrow it down to 30.  Those 30 each got their own post, often written up my some amazing guest bloggers.  The posts were interesting and enlightening, and introduced me and many others to many characters I’d had little exposure to.  She’s about to start the voting on THE most memorable moment, and if you have a chance, check out the top 30 articles, all linked here.

What she did got us gals to thinking.  What about Marvel?  Angel and Chantaal are big time Marvel girls, I grew up reading mostly Marvel though I tend toward DC and indies now, and Emma reads both labels.  That aside, there are a lot of amazing female characters in the Marvel Universe.  They’ve had some awful moments, but they’ve had some brilliant ones too.  So, with DCWomen’s blessing, we’re taking a page from her book.

For the next two days we’ll ask you to nominate your favourite moments for your favourite Marvel women.  The ONLY rule is that the woman must have had agency in this moment.  It must be something that she did, not something was done to her.

From there, we’ll list them all and split them into groups.  We’ll run polls and pick the top 20 or 30 moments, based on the number of nominees in the first round.  We’ll do the same as DCWomen and try and cajole a few guest bloggers from our many friends out there in the geek and comic world.  And then we’ll have a final poll, which will rank the top few moments.

So, this is your chance.  What moment defines your favourite female character?  When does she shine?  What makes her great?  Comment here or respond to our twitter and tell us what your favourite Marvel female moment is!!


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54 Responses to Most Memorable Moments of Marvel Women

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  2. Suffering Sappho says:

    Cool idea. Sorry I’m not a huge Marvel reader, but here’s my nomination:

    I’m nominating the moment Kate Bishop insisted she join the Young Avengers. I loved her attitude about it. She was going to be a Young Avenger, and everyone was just going to have to accept it.

  3. John L says:

    Phyla-Vel becoming Martyr and her new attitude. Brimming with bad-assery and love for special someone (Moondragon), this is one of those turns where a character takes a darker twist and it totally works for me. It made a lot of sense and made her stand out from the rest of her team, in both a good and bad way, but led to a lot of storytelling. Plus you got pages like this:

    Everyone is going to have moments about Jean, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Jessica Jones and tons of other great women, and hell, a few might even roll their eyes at my nomination, but it is one I will never forget and that is for damn sure!

  4. NO MORE MUTANTS. Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch changed the lives of every person on the planet in House of M. She completely rewrote Marvel history with three little words.

  5. georgethecat says:

    Jessica Jones’ introduction to the Marvel Universe in Alias. Jess as a teen masturbating to images of Johnny Storm. Jess punching Purple Man in the face. Jess teaming up with Spider-Woman. I would say any one of those moments qualify. I chose the masturbation one as well because it shows that men are not the only ones to have sexual fantasies about superheroes. As well, it was a portrayal of a young woman’s sexuality in a positive way.

  6. Sheila Stahl says:

    You write and maintain the most AMAZING blogs!

  7. Laura says:

    Jean Grey sacrificing herself at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga. It’s such a crucially important moment for all of Marvel, not just for the women of Marvel.

  8. Cory says:

    First moment that came to mind was Jean Grey’s suicide to save the universe from herself in Uncanny X-Men #137. The Dark Phoenix Saga was her story and Jean choose the ending of it. I must have carried that comic around for weeks in my high school backpack. :)

  9. I love love love this blog!!!

    Here’s my moment:

    Keep it up, this place is mad cool.

  10. Roman H. says:

    I’d throw in X-23 beating Wolverine (I think it was in #6 of her mini, the second one, I believe)

    Jessica Jones finally getting payback on Purple Man.

    Spider-Woman (sort-of) descending the staircase in New Avengers #4.

    Scarlet Witch’s “No More Mutants”

    This is fun, need to do some thinking.

  11. Stefi says:

    Jean Grey’s sacrifice as Dark Phoenix

    Rogue finally gaining control of her powers in X-Men Legacy

    Emma Frost owning Iceman with his own powers

    Scarlet Witch: “No more mutants.”

    …sorry these are all mutant moments, heheh.

  12. Sarah says:

    I thought a lot of my faves had been mentioned already (I’m a Jean Grey/Jess Jones kinda gal), but what about the bad-ass/totally tear-jerking exchange between Kitty and Emma Frost at the end of Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men?

    “Disappointed, Ms. Frost?”
    “Astonished, Ms. Pryde.”

    Great and satisfying culmination of their combative relationship throughout the run. I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

  13. Zatanna says:

    Black Cat fought AND BEAT Sabretooth in Spectacular Spider-Man #111. She was depowered at that point from her bad luck powers too. More here:

    Sue Storm choosing the anti-registration side as opposed to her husband in Civil War. This marked her own determination and morals.

    • pseudicide says:

      Oh yes! I had forgotten the Sue moment!

      • mcolford says:

        The only high point in that dreadful Civil War storyline (in my opinion). Sue is portrayed as a highly moral person, second only to Captain America (or on par with) I think. I loved that moment when she revealed herself as the secret member and saved everyone from Clor.

  14. captainfur says:

    -Storm discovering her new self at the company of Yukio and the subsequent makeover, reflecting her new inner self.

    -Kitty Pryde owning Emma Frost at the end of Astonishing X-Men #2, everything from “the first time I met the x-Men they were ambushed and caged… by you” to “I don’t have to watch you Miss Frost, I can SMELL you” is so damn perfect It kept me from sitting while reading it.

    -Betsy Braddock fighting (and defeating) Sabretooth with two broken ribs and a smile before joining the X-Men at the beggining of the mutant Massacre.

  15. Michael Lee says:

    The empowerment of Sue Storm & her decision to change from “Invisible Girl” to “Invisible Woman” during John Byrne’s run (around FF #284).

  16. nympholepsy says:

    Dani Moonstar becoming Valkyrie again to single-handedly defeat Ares when the X-men faced off with the Dark Avengers. I was like, YESSSSsssss.

    I also second X-23 very nearly permakilling Wolverine–clever girl!–and I’m not sure if this counts, but it was X-23 and Surge who basically ended up defeating Nimrod–X-23 kept attacking him to prevent him from repairing himself while Surge overloaded him with her electricity, iirc, it’s been a while since I read that arc. I also liked the part in X-Force where she discovered a Facility location was hoarding her trigger scent… so she turned it around on them, loaded their sprinkler system with it, activated it, and went to town on their goons. With ONE ARM, mind. X is my favourite character, LOL, can you tell.

    When Pixie saved the X-men by defeating Empath by stabbing him in the head with her soul-dagger. Dubious Greg Land art notwithstanding…

    Hope Summers’ powers manifesting in Second Coming.

  17. I’m so glad you’re doing this. DCwomenkickingass’s memorable moments was raw awesome mined from the mythical peaks of Awesomnia, and now we get a whole ‘nother round of Marvel Lady Goodness.

    My suggestions:
    -Our current Spider-Girl, Anya, refusing to let her father’s death break her and continuing her nonpowered superhero career. Bonus points for Anya reaffirming her commitment after a heart-to-heart with a fellow WoC, rather than the readily available Sue.

    -Cecelia Reyes defending Nightcrawler from the Neo. She did NOT want to be involved in X-drama, but when push came to shove she gave the fight her all, with little previous combat experience and no hope of backup.

    -Sue Storm to Reed: “Do I look like I need protecting?” Because she really, really doesn’t.

    -Crystal of the Inhumans, during War of Kings, deciding to stop being a coddled princess and start using her title to help the common people her family is ignoring, becoming the “People’s Princess.”

    -Karma, at the end of the Fall of the New Mutants arc, reaching out to Face while drugged and having her leg sliced into.

    -Danielle Moonstar kicking ridiculous Limbo-mutant behind in Rise of the New Mutants. Her arm was broken and she’d been brutally tortured–and she has no powers atm–but did that stop her from using one hand and a foot to fire an arrow at her captor? NO. NO IT DID NOT.

  18. Stretch says:

    I have to give some love to my favorite, underappreciated X-Girl:
    -In Generation X #27 Bastion captures Jubilee and tortures her for days in order to try and gather lintel about the X-Men, be all she does is laugh in his face (

    -Jubilee talking down Wolverine after he’s become Apocalypse’s Horsemen “Death” and taken out the rest of the team (

    And some love for my favorite band of Runaways:
    -Karolina Dean agrees to accompany Xavin the skull into space in order to stop a war that her parents were responsible for starting.

    -Gertrude Yorkes walks into a fire and taunts Wilder into attacking (and killing) her, saving Chase and Molly.

  19. Stretch says:

    Oh, I forgot a few:

    -A depowered Storm fights Cyclops for leadership of the X-Men and beats him in Uncanny #201.

    -Layla Miller arranges a series of events that leads to an attacking member of Singularity Investigations being electrocuted to death, knocking out the power. Layla turns on a flashlight in the ensuing blackout and is shown holding the missing screw that led to the entire series of events, and she grimly informs the reader that “she knows stuff.” X-Factor Vol. 3 #3-#4

  20. Michael Lee says:

    Aunt May with Franklin Richards defeating Galactus in Marvel Team-Up #137. Or maybe not…

  21. Ragnell says:

    The other side of the infamous strike, Jan Van Dyne walking out on Hank Pym the moment he became a danger to her.

    In Uncanny X-men #11, Wanda Maximoff declares that she and her brother have served Magneto for the last time.

  22. Miles Stokes says:

    At least one of these has already been mentioned, but:

    -A very young Kitty Pryde debating out Reverend Stryker at the end of God Loves, Man Kills

    -A depowered Storm successfully defeating Cyclops in one-on-one combat for leadership of the X-Men

    -Dani Moonstar breaking Professor Xavier’s rules on her first day by customizing her uniform with Cheyenne accessories, informing him that she was an individual, and telling him if he didn’t like it she’d go home

  23. sexorcake says:

    When Storm kick Cyclop’s ass in the danger room for leadership of the X-men. And she did it with no powers!!! Go girlie :D

  24. KDBryan says:

    Since everyone’s mentioned the obvious cool moments I love (Depowered Storm defeating Cyclops, Kitty Pryde saving the world, Jessica Jones punching out Purple Man with a slight assist from Phoenix), I’ll try and post some more obscure Marvel moments. Lord knows, even as exhaustive as I’m being here, I’m still gonna forget a few favorites. :)

    1. Aunt May not only realizing The Chameleon was impersonating Peter Parker but taking the time to A) bake him cookies full of sleeping pills and almond extract, B) knit a sweater with the word “Gotcha!” in it and C) reveal the aforementioned sweater and lie to him about the almond taste being /cyanide/ just before he passes out.

    2. She-Hulk winning a legal argument with The Living Tribunal to ensure the continued existence of the universe.

    3. Molly Hayes takes out The Punisher without even really trying.

    4. Gertrude Hayes lecturing Spider-Man over sushi.

    5. Rogue casually absorbing the abilities of several of the Young X-Men and killing a Predator X by herself in three panels.

    8. Squirrel Girl taking out Dr. Doom with nothing but Squirrels and a can-do attitude in her debut appearance.

    9. Meggan finally choosing a superheroine identity for herself – Gloriana – and creating a sanctuary named Elysium in Hell itself.

    10. Stem Cell defeating an army of Genius Mecha Nick Furys to save her team at the end of Livewires.

    11. A teenage Emma Frost snubbing her Father’s offer of being the full heir to the family fortune and declaring she would “go her own way”.

    12. Storm taking down Callisto in a knife fight sans powers for control of the Morlocks.

    13. Jubilee rescuing Wolverine from the Reavers by herself (one of the first X-Men comics I ever read!).

    14. Phoenix looking back on history from The White Hot Room and encouraging Scott Summers to move on and be with Emma Frost so that the X-Men would survive and he would be happy.

    15. Pepper Potts demanding Tony Stark make her Rescue again.

    16. A furious Polaris leaving Dr. Leonard Samson speechless.

    17. She-Hulk defeating The Champion (who had an the Power Infinity Gem at the time) in the ring by using her brain to classify it as a “foreign object” and her brawn to take him down without it.

    18. She-Hulk having absolutely zero problem with being stuck in her She-Hulk form after saving the world from superintelligent cockroaches.

    19. Photon leads Elsa Bloodstone, Tabitha Smith and the rest of NEXTWave against an insane number of freakish adversaries and winning.

    20. Ms. Ann-Marie Hoag, CEO of Damage Control, arranges for SHIELD to buy out her company and put her back in charge, thwarting the Kingpin’s attempt at a total buyout.

    21. Kitty Pryde switching minds with her younger self in “Days of Future Past”.

    Thanks for getting this started! You rock!

  25. KDBryan says:

    I knew I’d remember another one the minute I posted!

    Uncanny X-Men #143 – Kitty versus the N’Gari Demon by herself on Christmas. A. K. A. the issue where I can totally see how/when Joss Whedon claimed Kitty was the inspiration for Buffy Summers.

  26. mcolford says:

    I love my superheroines so much, and without going back to check, there are so many moment I don’t know where to start.

    Recently, I loved that moment when Medusa slammed Iron Man against the wall after retrieving Black Bolt’s body. Even better was when Medusa beat the heck out of Venom in Beyond.

    Invisible Woman is my favorite character, and I have to say she doesn’t get a lot of really great moments. The one in Civil War mentioned above is one. And also mentioned above, when she owned the Frightful Four after being held hostage by them.

    I wish I could think of one for Mantis, since she’s another favorite. She had a lot of awesome but very small moments in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Another favorite of mine is Moondragon and she’s had a pretty checkered past, but in a recent Guardians of the Galaxy arc she allowed a monster from the Cancerverse to enter her body and contained it from the Universal Church.

    The Scarlet Witch had a bunch of great moments way back before she was ruined by Byrne and Bendis. I’d say one of the quieter moments was when she gave Captain American and Iron Man a severe scolding when they were fighting Count Nefaria pulling the team together. And also the first time she defeated Ultron after Ms. Marvel rescued her from his trap.

    Jocasta had a great moment when she defeated Taskmaster in the Avengers.

    And another favorite of mine is Clea, and the moment I always loved was pretty behind the scenes, but she enabled Dr. Strange to defeat Dormammu back in WWII by weaving a sympathy spell all while she was held captive. Then she left him because she realized she didn’t love him as much as Victoria Blessing.

    I’m sure I have many more, but those are a few that pop to mind.

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