Emma’s 30 Days of Marvel [Day 3]

30 Days of Marvel Day 3: Your Favourite Diva

This, I feel cannot be shocking to anyone. As much as I tend to push physical problem solvers like Batwoman and Power Girl to the forefront of my fandom, Emma’s intellectual/diplomatic nature is far more reflective of my actual personality. Which could be said of Storm as well, but Storm is the serene (until you cross her) compassionate one who makes even Wonder Woman take a step back in admiration and that is just not me. I’m the bitchy, self indulgent, vicious one.

Much like Power Girl, I had to muscle past her usually awful presentation to give her a proper chance and that took a while. The blonde blue eyed DD look has never been my thing and when drawn by the likes of who usually does, it just looks all the more worse. While I will at some point in my life cosplay the Morrison-Quitely cut out costume, in my head canon Emma looks exactly like Manko Suicide and her styling is far more Jean Paul Gaultier (when he was thieving from the fetish scene) meets Haus of Gaga than Fredricks of Hollywood. I am sorry but when your bank statement has a moebius strip on it and you move in the same circles as Janet Van Dyne, pret a porter just is not in your vocabulary.

Of course there is also the fact that Emma is very much the Mother Monster of the X-Men and on a personal level is the Fame Monster through and through. Even before Cassandra Nova’s attack on Genosha Emma was fiercely protective of her Hellions and so her transition to the X-Men was- fan politics notwithstanding-was a very simple and elegant thing. Fundamentally very little about Emma has changed, which to me really exposes how arbitrary the lines between good and evil are where mutants are concerned. Most of the time, the difference between a “good” mutant and a “bad” one frequently comes down to the methods they use to combat oppression or even just who they associate with.

Emma is also the only woman you will ever hear say “Does it come in white?”

About emmahouxbois

Emma Houxbois is a fiercely queer trans woman from the wilds of Canada, most recently spotted in the Pacific Northwest. She is currently Comics Editor for The Rainbow Hub, a two time IWC Women's World Champion, and has written for the web since 2005 for sites including Playboy, Bitch Media, and Graphic Policy.
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  1. illusclaire says:

    ..Well said!

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