Batgirl Contest Winners

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for entering our Batgirl contest.  It was great to read the stories of people who love the book, and to see so much enthusiasm from new readers.  Sadly, only three people are our winners, though I wish I had copies to give out to each of you.

New Readers:

Sarah (howsmyliving)

Inspector Librarian

Old Reader:


I used to determine the winners.

Now, I’ll get your issues out to you as soon as you get your addresses to me at our email  Remember that you need to be able to get us a review of the book sometime in February, ideally I’d like to post all three fairly close to each other.

For those that didn’t win, and are intersted in reading Batgirl: Rising, I know it can be a hard book to find.  PLEASE send a letter to DC using their online letters page asking them to reprint the book!


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10 Responses to Batgirl Contest Winners

  1. Sil says:

    I think this is where I get to jump up and down like Steph actually talking Bruce into letting her be Robin. Though hopefully it works out better than that did, what with the broken arm and firing and starting a war thanks to dick moves by the big B. But that’s another rant.

    You have no idea how excited I am right now. Thank you, Dee and OMGTHANKYOU Bryan Q Miller!

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m a winner! Things, I’ve won them! WHEE. Super excited! Thanks, guys! :)

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  4. Apple El says:

    Congrats to the winners!

    I’m just so sorry I left my comment so late so I could not join in, but what a wonderful prize to win! BTW Australia Post delivered #17 to me today so I can finally see what everyone loved about this issue! (see previous comment on contest page to get what I’m talking about!)

  5. Oh awesome. I’ll send you an e-mail right now with my mailing address. I can’t wait to read Batgirl. :)

  6. ealperin says:

    I want to review a trade or some DC comicbook! ^_^

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