Secret Six #30

Otherwise known as the coolest thing to ever happen to Dee.

This week starts the two part Secret Six/Doom Patrol crossover.  A well-written and kick-ass issue it’s significant to me for another reason COMPLETELY.

It’s already been established that Liana – Scandal Savage’s girlfriend – works as a stripper as a gentleman’s club.  Amusingly the club is superhero and villain themed (I love it!).  And this month, these three characters appeared.  A Huntress, a Black Canary and a Harley Quinn themed stripper.

But what on earth does that have to do with me??  I shall tell you.  No wait, let me show you.

Many moons ago I started a campaign along with another Sydneysider and Simone fan to get Ms Simone invited to an Australian convention.  It started from a simple tweet where Gail said that she needed to be invited and within two days we had a facebook group with over 300 people in it!  Armageddon Expo invited her and at some point she offered to write Elise and I into a book.  Since then I’ve met Gail, as has my other friend Elyssa, and the offer of putting all of us into a Secret Six book as strippers based off our favourite DC characters?  Well, you can see the result.

So go buy a copy of this book!  Start reading Secret Six if you aren’t already!
And in case you’re wondering?  I’m the Huntress-themed one :)


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Canastralian. Cosplayer. Comic book addict. Travel addict. Convention addict. ...I think that's a lot of addictions and I might need a 12 step program
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20 Responses to Secret Six #30

  1. James Riot says:

    That’s awesome.
    Do you say, “Oh my golly gosh.” a lot?

  2. Terry says:

    That’s pretty rock-tastic. Yay, Gail for being so cool. :)

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  4. emmahouxbois says:

    It is now my goal in life to be a Batwoman stripper in a comic book.

  5. Andrew Lowry says:

    Of course you’re the Huntress. I remember that black and white outfit from 1998 & 1999. :)

    Well done getting into comics. Nice Abs BTW.

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  7. onefinemess says:

    That is very cool. Yet another reason to love Simone, as if there weren’t enough.

  8. ealperin says:

    Thanks to the awesomeness that is Jamal Igle (I’ve also been included in the Super-mythos as a very bad gal. See the link.) :

  9. ealperin says:

    I’m SO getting this later in the week. (or possibly another Bat-female related book. Any options you’d recommend?

  10. ealperin says:

    EDITED!(Oops! ^_^):

    I’m SO getting this later in the week. (or possibly another Bat-female related book. Any options you’d recommend?)

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