Emma’s 30 Days of Mavel [Day 11]

Art by Mike Mayhew

30 Days of Marvel Day 11: Favourite Power

Another tough one because there’s just so many options. Flight, invisibility, the list just goes on and on. At the end of the day, shape shifting has always been the most appealing to me. While there’s the obvious elements related to how I feel about my body, shape shifting has incredible potential. Change the colour of your hair with a thought, hide your tattoos for a job interview. Being a shape shifter means that the hardest decision you have to face every morning is who do I want to be today?


About emmahouxbois

Emma Houxbois is a fiercely queer trans woman from the wilds of Canada, most recently spotted in the Pacific Northwest. She is currently Comics Editor for The Rainbow Hub, a two time IWC Women's World Champion, and has written for the web since 2005 for sites including Playboy, Bitch Media, and Graphic Policy.
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