Picks of the week Feb 9-15

Emma: Sometimes I feel a bit redundant or unfulfilled for coming back every week with the same old refrain of Cornell, Miller, Simone but you know this really was the worst week that DC has had in quite a while. The fake out death of Jaime Reyes in Generation Lost, the death of all that is true and rational in Superman, and the erasure of over half of the Batfamily in Batman and Robin #20.  Thus, I’m pretty pleased to say that it was a pretty great week for me overall.

Chantaal: It looks like we’re all on the same page here, since Batgirl #18 was my first pick for favorite of the week! I haven’t gotten much reading done lately, though I’m trying to pick things back up.

Batgirl #18

The best single issue of the series so far by a long shot. Guest spots seem to be BQM’s forte on the title, and this one is no exception as Klarion (dum dum dum) the Witch Boy bounces into Gotham bringing all his weirdness along to make for a charmingly offbeat adventure. Steph and Klarion are the perfect pair of trouble makers who, when they put their heads together, are a complete nightmare for everyone but them. If I have ever laughed to the point of tears rolling down my cheeks because of a comic book before, it hasn’t been since Nextwave: Agents of HATE. The inch thick buttercream frosting with sprinkles on this gigantic cake of win is Dustin Nguyen’s interiors which showcase a mastery of moody watercolours on par with Bill Sienkiewicz or David Mack. So really if you still are not on Team Batgirl I am quickly running out of things to say to you. I’m not saying that this is a perfect book, because it would need Cassandra Cain included for that, but look around DC’s current line up and try to find something as consistently fun as Batgirl. Or don’t, because you won’t.

Birds of Prey #9

Okay so no strippers this week, but you’d hardly notice through everything else going on. Gail Simone has now- for my money- written the best post RIP portrayal of Bruce Wayne, Morrison inclusive. I’m still enjoying Batman Inc, but this is the Bruce that I’ve been waiting my whole life to read about. With that said, this is Dinah’s issue and Simone has finally begun the long overdue process of dealing with the collateral damage of her recent past, most notably the abandonment of Roy Harper and Sin. While I was pleased to see it get acknowledged, I also hope that this isn’t the last we hear of it. After all, some of the greatest moments at DC in the last decade were written to repair or work through damaging portrayals.

Knight and Squire #5

Just when you thought that this mini wasn’t going to amount to much beyond Cornell having a romp in uncharted waters, the other shoe drops. I don’t want to say too much here, but cliffhanger does not adequately describe how this issue ends. It pulls the entire mini into sharp focus and sets up what will surely  be an electrifying final issue. I’m just kind of sad that after the final issue of K&S the only Cornell I have to look forward to in the short term is whenever his Action Comics arc starring Lex Luthor gets traded. DC better put him to work soon because I do not want a Cornell shaped hole in my pull list!

Ultimate Captain America #2

The Ultimate line hasn’t been the same since Ultimatum, but there are gems in the rubble. Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man has always been good, Hickman’s Ultimate Thor is fantastic, and I’m happy to add Jason Aaron’s Ultimate Captain America to the list. I’ve always loved Ultimate Cap, dick that he is, and having a mini to himself is my idea of a good time. Especially with gems like Carol Danvers deadpanning after Cap “goes rogue” again, and Cap being mobbed by a bunch of kids in a panel that is amazing out of context.

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  1. mattcd42 (Wednesday's Serial) says:

    Great reviews, you totally sold me on Batwoman.

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