Picks of the week Feb 23-March 1

Another week, another list!  This time featuring a few creative moments!

Dee: It’s been a busy busy week for me!  I’m in the middle of a two convention run, Armageddon Expo is Sydney this past weekend and Adelaide this coming one.  I only managed to read my comics last night, and there weren’t that many of them.  I also have some non-comics related moments

Morning Glories #7

Written by Nick Spencer, art by Joe Eisma, Colours by Alex Sollazzo.  Last week I told you to all go and buy the first Morning Glories trade, and I hope that some of you did.  This book continues on strongly from the last issue.  It focusses on Zoe, one of the students, and sheds some light on her life til this point and on how the Academy works.  But for every bit of light it sheds, new mysteries appear.  The story is definitely building, and it feels as if the many threads are being slowly woven together.  If only I could figure out the pattern.


SHIELD #6: Thus ends the first volume of Jonathan Hickman’s centuries spanning epic. Which is bad, bad news for me as the wait begins for volume 2 and  the stop gap jam comic SHIELD (Infinity), but it’s good news for you slackers that missed it in single issues as a trade must be on the horizon. Steampunks, Planetary fans, and history nuts take note: this is your book.

Wolverine and Jubilee #2:

While I may in fact run a tumblr dedicated to a certain section of Kathryn Immonen’s Marvel work, Wolverine and Jubilee has been decidedly darker and less Pixie filled than I’d initially wanted. Even so, there’s undeniable charm to Logan and Jubes’ dysfunctional relationship that keeps the book sailing smoothly and Immonen is getting plenty of mileage out of an incredibly dubious premise. Bonus points go to Phil Noto for the cleanest and sharpest interiors I’ve seen from him in years.

X-23 #6

Here ends the obligatory muckiness that a series following a troubled character like Laura must always deal with. It’s not going to go down in history as my favourite arc of anything ever but this is the course that Liu promised she’d chart from the beginning and it was as necessary as Grant Morrison dealing with Identity Crisis in Seven Soldiers of Victory: Zatanna or Brian Q Millar confronting War Games in Batgirl. The mark of truly exceptional writing in superhero comics is acknowledging the previous material no matter how problematic and using it to move forward. Now that we’ve established that, next month is pirates and following that is the battle of the Wolverine babies in Madripoor. It really does not get much better than that.

All Star Superman: Regrettably the final piece of animation from the late, great Dwayne McDuffie. Ideally it would have been preferable for his final work to showcase his idiosyncratic gift for humour and characterization, but his adaptation of All Star Superman is no less worthy of his legacy if in a different way. All Star Superman is in every way as painstakingly faithful to it’s source as Robert Rodriguez’ Sin City was to the Frank Miller original. The necessary cuts for length aside, McDuffie functioned as the perfect guardian of the Morrison/Quitely original, letting the story unwind initially at an awkward pace due to the flow of the original comic but quickly finds itself as the main narrative surfaces. Anthony LaPaglia stands out among the cast to deliver a brilliant Luthor. It’s definitely worth a watch, but if you still haven’t read the best Superman story of the last thirty years, well that’s something you ought to correct.

Moment of the week (Dee): Alright, so it’s not a comic.  Strangely it’s not even Gail Simone or Dan Slott asking for pictures with me when I was cosplaying.  In fact, it was someone at the convention asking me my name and then telling me they loved this blog.  It’s nice to know there are readers out there who like us and recognise us!

Finally, it’s not comics related, but I’m including it.  A bunch of us organised to get Ryan Robbins a guitar, and he sang the most amazing renditions of Hallelujah. 

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4 Responses to Picks of the week Feb 23-March 1

  1. Chantaal says:


    My brain is melting from sheer awesome.

  2. sophly says:

    I can’t believe I missed Ryan Robbins singing! *Facepalm* Proves I should really plan my day better but as for your Moment of the Week, that was me! This is a rocking blog and more people should tell you about its awesomeness in person :)

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