Memorable Moments of Marvel Women

Well, we did it! We took longer than we intended, but we got up posts for each of the moments on our list!  Tomorrow we’ll put the poll up and it’ll stay up for 72 hours!

Polling will work this way: Each of the moments will be listed.  Each person will get three votes.  You can vote once, but you can spread thew word all you want!  In the end, we’ll rank the moments and announce the top five!

First, I thought I’d do a master list, linking to each of the nominated moments so you can read up before the poll, and in case you missed any!

* Aunt May defeats the Chameleon

* Jubilee resisting Bastion’s torture

* Dani Moonstar breaking Professor Xavier’s rules on her first day by customizing her uniform with Cheyenne accessories

* When Faiza Hussein becomes the wielder of Excalibur

* Gertrude Yorkes walks into a fire and taunts Wilder into attacking (and killing) her, saving Chase and Molly
* Jan Van Dyne walking out on Hank Pym the moment he became a danger to her.

* Jean Grey sacrificing herself at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

* Jessica Jones breaking free of the Purple Man’s mental control then punching Purple Man in the face.

* Jessica Jones gives up her secret identity so she can take care of the children of an enemy

* A very young Kitty Pryde debating out Reverend Stryker at the end of God Loves, Man Kills.

* Kitty Pryde Calling Professor X a jerk for demoting her to New Mutants

* Kitty Pryde owning Emma Frost at the end of Astonishing X-Men #2

* Kitty Pryde sacrificing herself by phasing to the bullet

* Kitty Pryde versus the N’Gari Demon by herself on Christmas.

* Mary Jane beats the Chameleon with a baseball bat.

* Mary Jane Watson comforts Peter after Gwen’s death

* Molly Hayes takes out Wolverine

* Rogue kissing the window of a plane after fetching a long ball in good old x-men baseball just for the joy of being alive and in flight.

* Storm discovering her new self

* A depowered Storm fights Cyclops for leadership of the X-Men

* Storm taking down Callisto in a knife fight sans powers for control of the Morlocks.

* Valkyrie: when Namor asks why she’d help them when it’s said she hates men, she responds “I do NOT hate men, Sub-mariner, I merely KNOW I’m as GOOD as they are.”

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