The Results – Memorable Moments of Marvel Women

Finally!  After preliminary polls, a month of more detailed posts, and a final poll, we have it, voted by you!

The top five six moments of Marvel women!  I know there were moments people loved that didn’t get nominated, and there were others that didn’t make it through the poll.  Who knows, maybe we’ll try and do something like this yearly – that is, if Dee forgets how much fun it was to organise this one!

So without further ado…

6 – Jessica Jones breaks free of the Purple Man’s mental control

Tied for 4th-

4 – Valkyrie does not hate men  & Storm fights Cyclops for leadership of the X-Men

Tied for 2nd –

2 – Kitty Pryde sacrificing herself by phasing to the bullet  &  When Faiza Hussein becom es the wielder of Excalibur

And Finally (and likely of little surprise to most)

1 – Jean Grey sacrificing herself at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga

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2 Responses to The Results – Memorable Moments of Marvel Women

  1. illusclaire says:

    Hah, all salutes to Jean.

    And hurray Faiza!

    • pseudicide says:

      Faiza was leading until the last couple hours. But I’m really happy about all of the things that ended up in the top.

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