So you’re going to C2E2

Already 4/5 of the crew from GRCT are envious.  But now Dee is going to make some recommendations.  Most of these are comic book artists and writers, but these are some you might miss out on if you didn’t know where to look – or to look for them.  Please, do us a favour and check them out!  Tell them we sent you (though they likely don’t know who we are) and maybe pick up some art or a cool book or two.

First of all, whatever you do, do not miss the Middleman reunion panel. For those who don’t know, it’s a comic/show/comic that was amazing, and the cast and creator will be at C2E2 on Saturday!  I saw the table reading of the 13th episode at SDCC two years ago, and I maintain it is one of the highlights of my experience.  But then, drinking with Javi at NYCCthis past year? Also damn cool.
WHEN: Saturday 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
WHERE: 470a
Description: The cast Reunites at C2E2!! Stars Matt Keeslar, Natalie Morales, Brit Morgan, Mary Pat Gleason, Javier Grillo, Jake Smollett and Mark Sheppard will be speaking at a Q&A about their time on the show.

Now enough about panels.  Yes there are lots of panels by lots of people.  I could spend hours going on about what I think you should check out.  To me, the highlight of any comics convention is my time in Artists Alley.

If I were going to C2E2 my dream list of people and exhibitors to visit would be:

David Mack
Artist Alley: A6
Mack’s work on Daredevil was amazing, but it was his book Kabuki that won me completely.  A brilliant meld of storytelling through both words and art, I went up to David at NYCC knowing nothing about what he’d done, and was immediately won over by the prints he had and his charming self.  I bought prints, books, and walked away a massive fan.

Katie Cook
Artist Alley M11
Creator of one of my favourite webcomics Gronk, Katie’s style of art is amazing and unmissable.  She often does small watercolour sketches at the con that are a steal, and so damn adorable.  Katie will also be selling some great prints, and I’m jealous of anyone who gets one!

Bryan JL Glass
Artist Alley B8
Bryan is a comic book writer and co-creator of the brilliant book Mice Templar.  If you love dark fantasy, do check it out.  Actually, if you love well written books check it out.  Plus Bryan (and his wife) are amazing.  He was once forced to talk to me on the phone for almost an hour at Baltimore comic-con.  No really, he was.  And it was a GREAT conversation.  Plus I got to meet him at NYCC!

Jill Thompson
Artist Alley H4
When I went to SDCC in 2009, a friend asked me to pick up a bunch of Scary Godmother patches from her and bring them back to Oz.  So I had to check out Scary Godmother.  I then checked out Beasts of Burden, and fell a bit in love with Jill. She’s going to have lotsa prints available including some you won’t get anywhere else.

Paul Cornell
Artist Alley O8
My first exposure to Paul was as the creator of Bernice Summerfield, one of my favourite Doctor Who companions.  He’s written for Who, for tv on some of my favourite shows, and then I realised he’s writing comics I love too.  From Captain Britain (FAIZA HUSSEIN!) to Knight and Squire and Action Comics. He’s also very affable, amusing and knows more about cricket than I could ever hope to.

Paul Mounts
Artist Alley G12
Okay, here’s the thing.  Paul is one of those people in comics that people don’t often get excited about, and that is so, so wrong.  He’s a colourist, and one of the best colourists out there.  His work with Amanda Conner is stunning, his work on the recent run of Fantastic Four, and on so many other things is just brilliant.  Go say hi!  Tell him how awesome he is.  End story.

Jim McCann
Artist Alley A5
Jim is the man who brought me back Mockingbird.  Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating a WEE bit, but he’s written her so damn well (and Hawkeye too!) and a heap of other books.  I can’t wait to see what he’s writing next.

Tim Seeley
Artist Alley L13
The creator of Hack/Slash shouldn’t need any introduction from me, but in case you are unaware who he is, I’m telling you! Hack/Slash is the amazing story of Cassie Hack, and… no, actually, just go as Tim about it, and buy a book and try it out.  You owe it to yourself.

Kristin Foxy Allen
Artist Alley L12
Kristin is great sketch card artist.  She keeps putting up sketch cards for other people on twitter that I covet.  DAMMIT!

Mike Norton
Artist Alley H1
CREATOR OF BATTLEPUG!  Okay, lots of other things too, but BATTLE PUG!!!!

Hero Initiative
Booth 457
The Hero Initiative is a great charity, and they often have awesome exclusives.  Art, books, and so much else.  Check them out!

Word Balloon
Booth POD03
Word Balloon is one of the most interesting, in-depth podcasts out there.  Take a few moments and meet the man behind it!

Prism Comics
Booth 846
They’re all about LGBTQ friendly and positive comics.  They run great panels, and are very worth a visit.

Panels on Pages
Booth POD06
Another one of my favourite podcast groups, I’m a huge fan of the Princess Cast.  Check out PoP family feud as well!

Booth POD01
I’ve loved iFanboy for a long time, they’re a great site.  Yes, it says fanBOY but if we fangirls can’t embrace female positive fanboys what are we?

Comics Pipeline
Booth 617
Okay, here’s the thing.  Comics Pipeline is something awesome and new.  A bunch of comics artists and creators have gotten together and started something new.  It’s a membership based website and it’s so worth it.  Check out all the artists there, but especially my favourite Ben Templesmith.

Aspen Comics
Booth 820
Lady Mechanika.  I have no other words.

Archaia Entertainment
Booth 701
Another publisher that puts out great books.  check them out!

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