QotM: What property do you want to see developed and why?

We came up with the idea that we’d pose a question to the GRCT team each month, and all come up with our answers.  This is the first of the series, hopefully you enjoy, and feel free to discuss anything you agree/disagree with in the comments!

Question: Comics seem to be a big thing when it comes to television and movies these days.  What property do you want to see developed and why?

Dee:  It was hard to pick just one book I’d love to see on screen.  I’d love to see Jonah Hex done right, for example, perhaps as an HBO or Showtime series.  I think that The Last Resort would make a great movie on the biological horror end of things.  Birds of Prey continues to be one of my favourite books, and the chance to see it done well would be amazing.  Powers is already getting a TV show, and 100 Bullets could be brilliant if done well.  But with all of the choices in front of me, I kept coming back to one thing.

Mice Templar.  Set in fantastical dark world, this story about mice is one that’s full of betrayal, politics and intrigue, along with a young mouse’s ongoing quest.  I’d love to see an animated series of this, either a miniseries or ongoing.  I could imagine it sitting happily between Watership Down and the Secret of NIMH.  Something for adults, and maybe older kids if you’re prepared to be scared a wee bit whilst also getting an amazing story.  The strength of the story and the amazing visuals of the world would suit the screen so well.

Chantaal: Oh man, everything I could say is already being made, from Avengers to X-Men (despite it being a hot mess and not the real First Class I want). Off the top of my head, I would kill for an amazing X-Factor TV show. Not only does it have superheroes being awesome, but it would be extremely easy to serialize it, as there are so many popular cop/crime shows on TV right now. A bunch of mutant detectives solving crimes? FX needs to get on that immediately.

I’d also love to eventually get the Young Avengers involved years down the line, after the Marvel movie universe has been established and they can come in. I want Runaways to come out of pre-production hell. Also, while thinking of awesome British sci-fi dramas, imagine what a BBC production of Captain Britain & MI-6 helmed by Stephen Moffatt would look like. Yeah. Epic.

Emma: I have two new non- comic obsessions that spurred me into a specific direction for this one. Monster High and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Yes, I’m pushing thirty and still losing my shit over cartoons made to push toys from Hasbro and Mattel. This is what adulthood looks like. Anyway, whatever the commercial plots behind these properties they both value friendship between girls and self possession above everything else which are very important things for girls to learn in the modern media landscape. It also feels like this big huge breath of fresh air because this is just not happening in mainstream comics (based properties) outside of Birds of Prey.

Thus my pitch is a series spinning out of Kathryn Immonen and (current Eagle Award nominee) Sara Pichelli’s Pixie Strikes Back aimed at teen and young adult girls. A cartoon focusing on the lives and misadventures of Pixie, X-23, Armor, Mercury, and Blindfold is exactly what the world needs. We’re sitting on two, probably almost three generations of girls who grew up on Sailor Moon and yet western comics based media has managed to completely fail to capitalize on the obvious ravenous hunger for female centric fantasy cartoons. Fuck Young Justice‘s tokenism, I want the whole enchilada. Ideally, I’d also swell the main cast to include Dust and Bling with supporting roles going to Jubilee, Storm, Gambit, Northstar, Dazzler, Rockslide, and Anole. Team Robounicorn represent!

Angel: Maybe it’s my want of some kind of modern Flash franchise on television or in films hat made me think of that first (I’m still a little bitter that Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan and not Barry Allen, really, because he was always my pick),  but I feel like the time has come for it to be redone on screen. Hopefully, with DC jumping into the film fray with Superman, The Green Lantern and The Dark Knight Rises, it’ll be a possibility, but when it comes down to it, the property I want to see developed for television or film is actually one that is supposedly already on its way there.

I know that Marvel’s Runaways has been in development hell for a long time now, with rumors that it’s being made, and updates few and far between when it comes to the progress of the film. With the glacial pace at which development seems to be moving, I think it’s fair to say it’s the property I’d most like to see developed.  And while I love the idea of it being a film, and I’m still holding out hope that the film will actually happen in the first place,  I think it’d also work remarkably well as a television series. The story would have to be tweaked just a little bit, and perhaps it could be set in a fictional middle school/high school hybrid, but I think that a serialized version could work well on the CW perhaps. Come on, the season 1 finale twist– you guys know the one I’m talking about– would be well worth the price of admission.

Lina: I have this bad habit of becoming almost overly invested in my comics to the point where any adaptation is going to fail to live up to my own inner hype. I am certain that even if I was the one controlling the reigns and money/time/everything was no object, I would still be disappointed. That being said I did give this some thought and somehow managed to come up with a few options.

First and foremost, I would like an X-Men: First Class that is based off that fantastic comic book series rather than whatever this mess of a movie is. Of course I will still see that mess of a movie, but I have this crazy notion that if you are going call a movie X-Men: First Class that it should feature the actual first class of X-Men (and how about the early Brotherhood of Evil Mutants while we’re at it). Tangentially I would like for them to have the Maximoff twins actually show up in the Avengers movies at some point. I get that it doesn’t make sense for them to be part of the team that they have planned (but can they least have Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne? Come on, let’s go all out). That’s just a little thought bubble right there.

I would also really like to see an adaptation of Fables. Preferably as something with a budget (Showtime anyone? HBO maybe? Definitely pay cable). Fairy tales are so hot right now and this has a well-developed set of familiarish characters that could definitely make that jump. There are plots galore and it definitely works as a good group drama with action and comedy and just good times. The visuals of the world of Fables mixed with modern day New York could create a great backdrop. Plus it has love, sex, crime, spies, mysteries, the whole works.  Clearly someone should make that work. (Dee’s note: YES PLEASE TO THIS!)


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One Response to QotM: What property do you want to see developed and why?

  1. MattG says:

    Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, DMZ and 100 Bullets would all make great series, I think.

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