Jonah Hex

One of my favourite books which I often wonder why people aren’t reading.  So I thought I’d post 5 points as to why everyone should read Jonah Hex

1) Done in One.  It’s a brilliant thing, as most of the issues are complete within themselves.  There’s no need to worry about years and years (or decades) of continuity, there are no crossovers, you can pick up an issue and that is all you need.

2) Amazing artists.  From Darwyn Cooke to Jordi Bernet to Edward Risso, there’s a long list of artists on Jonah Hex that make any comic fan drool.

3) The stories.  Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray tell amazing stories.  There seems to be no end of them with Hex.  I honestly believe they could tell these stories forever.

4) Westerns.  I grew up loving westerns.  I grew up watching them with my dad and JH fills a western need in my soul.  It’s a genre that’s under-represented in comics, in fact most genres are.  And I want to support this one.

5) An amoral hero. There is nothing better than an anti-hero.  For all that Jonah is a mercenary for hire, he has a morality that cannot be denied.

It’s a book I love, and it’s a book I feel you all should give a chance.  Because it’s one of the best books I read, and the art is stunning and amazing.


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5 Responses to Jonah Hex

  1. Chris says:

    Ok! You’ve convinced me.

    I’m going to start with volume 1: Face Full of Violence.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Levana says:

    I’ll give Jonah Hex a try, thanks for the recommendation! Darwyn Cooke is one of my favourite artists, I didn’t know he did some art for Hex :)

  3. You didn’t have to convince me, I’m a huge Jonah Hex fan. The new series is quite brilliant for all the reasons you stated above, stays truthful to the feeling of the original series while adding modern grit, and the “done in one” is a trend I miss in comics nowadays. I definitely suggest picking up this book to anyone and everyone who is a fan of either comics or westerns. It remains the one constant in my pull list and I fear this quality title will get the axe due to sales numbers. Jordi Bernet is my absolute favorite pick for illustrator, having a large stable of Hex issues under his belt in the series, and get a little bummed when he doesn’t do an issue.


    • pseudicide says:

      Bernet is definitely an amazing artist, and I love his issues, but it’s fun seeing what different people bring to the book.

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