GRCT Meetup at Comic Con! (And other plans.)

So, now that we’re officially into July, we here at GRC (like every other geek out there) have put our planning into full gear. While we’ll have tons of info coming live from SDCC, we also have one or two exciting things we want to do at SDCC, and hope you guys can join us.

It was hard finding a good time to slot this in, as we have stuff planned for the rest of the con, but we figured Wednesday would be mellow enough to put together a small meet up. So, if you’d like to stop on by, chat it up, take part in some lively debate or just have a few drinks with Chantaal, Angel and Lina, come join us!

Where: Omni hotel bar (the Omni is right across from the convention center).
When: 7pm to 9pm.

It’s nothing official, we’ll just be a group of geeks having a few drinks. If it goes later, it goes later. If you just want to stop by for a few minutes before going back to your hotel, that’s cool, too. We’ll be easily recognizable (Signs! Yay!), taping a lot of it (video to be shared!) and might even have a few little things to give away.

Edited: We’ll also have some comics to give away, courtesy of Kickstart Comics!

Midnight on Thursday, we plan on braving the throngs of people who will likely want to see Captain America: The First Avenger just as much as we do. Right after we exit the movie, we’ll be filming our immediate reactions and putting that post up for sharing. That will prove to be good fun, I can promise you.

I’m sure there’ll be more live blogging, but our one concrete panel to cover will be the Women of Marvel one on Sunday. It’s important to us, and the one we’re probably most passionate about.

Once the con is done and we’re all at home and catching up on lost sleep, we’ll have loads of stuff to share with everyone. Our con experience tends to be less straight information (that’s what the big sites like CBR and Newsarama are for) and more reactions and delight, so we’ll be having tons of fun. Hopefully you’ll be right along with us for the ride.

About Chantaal

A book reading, nail polish hoarding, makeup loving, TV marathoning, comic book talking Philosophy major. I want to be Rashida Jones when I grow up.
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3 Responses to GRCT Meetup at Comic Con! (And other plans.)

  1. Suzanna says:

    Just found your blog today and am immediately adding it to my reading list! I had such a terrible time finding other blogs by girls who enjoy “geek” culture. Also, thank you for the list of other blogs by girls! I honestly did realize there were that many out there.


    • Chantaal says:

      Awesome, I’m so glad you found us! And I’m really glad our links list is helping you out, that fuzzy feeling you get when you realize the girl geek network is bigger than you thought is so great. :)

      • Suzanna says:

        It really is. I mean, no offense to the boys, it’s just nice to see blogs from a similar perspective.

        I just recently decided to start pointing my blog more along the geeky path. I was sort of worried that it wouldn’t be accepted but after seeing so many blogs geared toward girls, I realize that maybe I’m not so alone. :) So, thank you very much!

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