Women in Comics Spotlight: Adriana Blake

I’m going to admit this straight up: I’m not as familiar with more than half of our current female creators list as I should be, but I’m taking this as a sign to get to know every single one of these incredible ladies we’re spotlighting, because they deserve it. (And I can already tell I’ll be reaching new levels of archive panic with all the awesome new web comic links I have.)

Today’s spotlight is on Adriana Blake, artist, animator and creator of the web comic Fall On Me, which is an autobiographical comic based on moments and anecdotes from newlywed life.

It was easy enough to fall for this incredibly charming web comic, but then I browsed her art gallery, and fell totally in love with Adriana’s style. She has a great way of making things seem really freaking cute without sacrificing realism, and it’s exactly the sort of style that has me making heart eyes at her and everyone and everything. I mean, honestly. Her fanart gallery and that completely adorable Captain America alone would be enough for me.

We also took the time to send Adriana  a few questions, and she was fantastic enough to answer them!

How did you get into comics?

 I’ve been fascinated with drawing and storytelling since I was really young, but had always held back from doing my own comics for lack of a story to tell. “Fall on Me” started sort of by accident: by a spontaneous accumulation of funny things that would happen between my husband and me and I decided to write down. Eventually I thought it’d be worth a shot to put these out in comic form. So far it’s stuck ;)

Tell us a bit about the projects you’ve worked on:

 Mostly my own autobio webcomic, “Fall on Me” (also translated to Spanish as “Cuenta Conmigo”) since February of 2009, although last year I helped Katie Shanahan with some colouring work for her Flight 7 comic. This year I’ll be one of the comic artists for the Womanthology project. Aside from comic projects, I’ve done animation work for TV shows, commercials and websites.

What is your favourite work that you’ve done so far?

 Right now I guess “Fall on Me”, since it’s been my longest-lasting project so far and it’s the one that’s helped me evolve the most as an artist and storyteller.

Did you ever get advice about the field that you’d like to pass on?

Not particularly, but from my own experience I’ve learned that “just doing” is the best way of learning. Also, take advantage of the wealth of art blogs and networking with other artists online; it’s become a super-important way of not only learning and getting inspired, but of putting your work out there and inviting art-making opportunities to knock on your door. So far it’s been a great ride.

What is your favourite thing to write or draw?

 From situations to characters to themes, anything goes – I tend to lean towards drawing girls and cute things.

In an ideal world, in what direction would you like to see your project evolve?

It’d be nice if I could figure out a way of print distribution that doesn’t hurt my pocket or my readers’ pocket so much (especially considering I have readers outside of North America)! It’s been kinda tricky so far. Other than that, I just hope to keep improving on my art and storytelling skills.

Links to your work:
http://www.littleteacup.net – my general art site and blog
http://www.littleteacup.net/fallonme – Fall on Me, my webcomic
http://www.littleteacup.net/cuentaconmigo – Cuenta Conmigo, my webcomic in Spanish

And finally your last thought. Draw it, write it, bake it in a pie (though hard to communicate to blog readers, I hear its tasty.)

Uuuum…not sure what to say! =P

Many thanks to Adriana for answering our questions, and please check out her work!

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