SDCC: Favourite Announcements

Now that the dust is settling, it’s time for us here at GRCT to tell you about our favourite announcements from the weekend.  It’s a hard call, as there was a lot of news pouring out of the convention, but we’re giving it a go!


One of my favorite panels at SDCC was Joss Whedon’s panel (if we’re honest, I’m a bit of a Whedon fangirl), and while I’m a bit behind on both my Buffy and Angel comics, I was glad to hear that with the launch of Buffy Season 9, the return of the Angel comic series to Dark Horse will mean more crossovers between the two series. I’ve always felt that’s what both series have been missing, and knowing that’s on the horizon definitely means I’m going to be more diligent when it comes to keeping up with both. Secondly, while I wasn’t able to attend the Sony panel myself and see the footage from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man film, it seemed to go over very well with everyone I know who was there, and most importantly? Spider-Man tells jokes.  Spider-Man’s signature quips and jokes were one thing missing from Raimi’s franchise, I thought (and a lot of other people thought, apparently) and I was super excited to hear that the new film will be closer to its comic counterpart in that regard.

And let’s not forget the announcement that a Cloak and Dagger television series is going into development! “Going into development” doesn’t always mean that it’ll actually go to series, but I’m more than hopeful.

I know blonde Shepard is going to win, but the fact that they had a colored Shepard option in the first place? YAY BIOWARE.


EVERYTHING ABOUT MASS EFFECT 3. I got the chance to play a bit of the game and take part in the awesome Mass Effect March on Comic Con, at the end of which they gave all us fans a treat. The first two games were heavily promoted with only a male Shepard, and this time around they’ll focus more on a female Shepard promotion campaign. Along with that, they unveiled six different female Shepards, which fans can vote on as the new default Shepard.

Along with that news, the bit of game I got to play was everything I hoped it would be. The game play felt the same, with a few new tricks to try out (especially the epic new Omniblade melee option). March is way, way too far away.


Whilst I wasn’t lucky enough to make it to SDCC this year, I was following along at home, and manically retweeting many of the announcements as they happened.

For me, the first thing off the blocks is the Mockingbird show in development.  Alright, like the Cloak and Dagger show, there’s no guarantee it’ll make the air.  I also have ABC Family worries due to how the Middleman fared there.  BUT, Mockingbird is one of my top two comic book loves, and her resurgence the past year and a bit, and now this news makes me brilliantly happy.

Saga Cover

Saga, which looks dark and epic and all sorts of amazing

The next thing is the news of Saga.  An Image book headed up by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples is apparently going to be a “balls to the wall sci-fi book” chronicling the fight of one family to survive during an intergalactic war.  I really don’t think I could be happier.

And finally, the news that there’s gong to be a Fables spinoff, Fairest. Featuring the Fairest in all the land, the first arc of this miniseries will be about Sleeping Beauty and be written by Willingham with art by Phil Jimenez.  Oh, and did we mention that Adam Hughes will be doing covers?  Upcoming arcs include Rapunzel and Cinderella (which will see the very welcome team up of Roberson and McManus again!).


Well, I did love seeing the Fables panel and enjoying the spinoff news (I was riding a fairytale high that evening), but Dee has already covered that. I’m also insanely excited about the Cloak & Dagger and Mockingbird television series development stuff. I just want it to go somewhere because those are some of my favourite Marvels! Now that that has been said I can move on.

Let’s see. Despite not having read much Batman (I have read Year One so that’s something), I went to the premiere of the Batman: Year One cartoon. The panel was great and it essentially was the comic without getting too strange. Definitely not a cartoon for kids but enjoyable nonetheless. The panel was totally endearing and I loved learning about how they storyboarded and which scene is in the movie that isn’t in the comic (can you guess?). Overall definitely enjoyable.  I loved flailing around with Christina Strain and talking about Runaways and how everything can be improved with more rainbows. Besides who doesn’t love Molly Hayes?

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  1. DianaH says:

    Damn, I like that Vaughn news! Also the Fables spinoff sounds fun. Can’t wait for Batman: Year One!

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