The New 52 – What We Want

With 52 new titles coming out next month, we thought we’d look at which ones we’d put on our pull list.

Birds of Prey #1

Dee: Oh my.  There are so many titles I want and they weren’t necessarily the ones I expected.

Let’s start with the Bat Family books.  Nightwing and Birds of Prey are definite. I love the characters – both old and new – and want to see where they’re taken in these series. Batwoman is also a definite, I’ve been waiting for this book for so long now, I’d almost given up hope.  And the big surprise? Batgirl. I wasn’t planning on getting this book, but a love of Barbara Gordon and a love for Gail Simone won me over.  I’ll be giving it a chance and seeing how they deal with Babs, and with the other Batgirls.

Red Lanterns is the only Lantern book I’ll pick up, and that’s entirely because of Dex-Starr.  It might drop off my list quickly.  Wonder Woman is another must-have.  I’m interested to see the direction Azzarello takes Diana in, and I love Cliff Chiangs art.  So we shall see.

All Star Western #1

DC Dark and the Edge are getting a lot of love from me.  Justice League Dark, Swamp Thing, Demon Knights and I, Vampire are all going onto the list.  From the Edge I’ll be picking up Stormwatch (Apollo and Midnighter!), Voodoo, Grifter, Deathstroke, Suicide Squad, Blackhawks and of course, All Star Western.  Seeing where Palmiotti and Gray take Jonah Hex in this new universe is pretty exciting.

Finally, there’s Static Shock.  I debated Hawk & Dove as I love Sterling Gates so much, but I dislike Rob Liefield with just as much passion.

Honestly, one of the titles I’m excited the most about is the Huntress mini that starts in October.  She’s my favourite character for a reason.

Batwoman #1

Chantaal: I am so woefully behind on all my comics (about two months now, I think), so I haven’t really been keeping up with much of the new 52 coming out. I mean, there are some I’ll eventually pick up when the time comes or with good reviews, but there’s only one that’s in my must have: Batwoman.

I’ve been waiting for this series forever, ever since reading the deluxe edition of Batwoman: Elegy. It’s one of my prized possessions, and I end up reading it at least once a month, it’s that good. I fell madly in love with a character I’d never heard of until then, and I’ve been waiting for more Kate Kane ever since.

Angel: It’s a difficult thing for me, I think, deciding which of DC’s New 52 to pick up during the relaunch. Just before the relaunch was announced, I’d only just started getting into DC comics. I’ve been a Marvel girl for a long time (while I cut my teeth on both the likes of the 90’s X-Men cartoon and Batman: The Animated Series alike, it was X-Men that first lured me to actual printed comics), but it wasn’t until May of this year that I picked up and read Loeb’s “Hush” arc of Batman and started following Batman and Robin with any regularity. While I’m super excited about the relaunch, I can’t help but be just a little bitter, knowing that the reading I’d begun to do won’t fall into the current continuity anymore, I can’t help but also be excited.

Catwoman #1

Catwoman #1

“Hush” being the very first Batman arc I read in its entirety, I’m really looking forward to picking up Catwoman #1 when it’s out on September 21st. Of course, I know some of Selina Kyle’s story from other continuities (I’m talking films and television here), but I haven’t had much of a chance to delve into her comic story yet. She was one of the parts of “Hush” that I absolutely adored and  I’m curious to see where her title will take her. While DC may be under a bit of criticism for not having as many female creators as it maybe should, I’m loving that there seem to be an above average number of female lead titles (Catwoman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Birds of Prey).And while Batman and Robin may have become a victim of the reboot (I call it a victim only because I was really enjoying the current storyline and the return of Jason Todd), it’ll be interesting to see the difference in dynamic when it comes to Damian working with his father as opposed to Dick Grayson.

The only thing I’m probably looking forward to more than Batman and Robin #1 (September 14th) is Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (September 21st). I have a friend who got me into Jason Todd’s story, and after devouring “Hush” while on vacation, I went back and read most of Jason Todd’s appearances, which lead me, of course, to the most recent Batman and Robin arc. So I’ve become a bit of a fangirl there, and I’m curious to see where he goes, being stuck in a leadership position in his own title.

I’m sure there will be a few other books that I’ll end up picking up just out of curiosity (there’s no way I can walk into a comic shop without randomly grabbing something that I didn’t mean to grab), but those three are really my must-haves for the reboot.

Supergirl #1

Lina: I am admittedly not as into DC as I am into Marvel. Questionable reasoning behind this reboot aside, I am going to give it a chance to dip my toe into some things that I normally wouldn’t even consider given the sheer volume of history to consider.

That being said I am naturally going to be interested in Supergirl because I do love reading Kara and I want to see what they plan to do with her (I am also going to try very hard to leave my issues with the new costume at the door). I also plan on dipping my toes into Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Batwoman as well. Heck, I will probably check out Batgirl as well, given that I plan on using the relaunch to check out the Bat family at a deeper level.

I feel like I should probably put a note that these are my thoughts right now. I could get a serious case of shiny and grab hands at a whole bunch of titles that I have considered briefly but didn’t make the short list. I know my limits.

Wonder Woman #1

Ashley:  I’m a bit sad about this whole “event.”  A lot of the books I had been reading have been discontinued and that breaks my heart.  That being said, I will still pick up some of these books.  Wonder Woman is a definite on my list.  Though I showed a bit of trepidation when finding out that Azzarello will be writing it.  At the same time, I’m intrigued to see what he does with Diana, much like Dee.  I’ve been waiting for Batwoman, as I’m sure a lot of people have been!  I still have to read the Elegy hardcover that is sitting on my shelf.  As far as Batgirl is concerned, I am torn on this book.  I absolutely loved Bryan Q. Miller’s run with Stephanie Brown causing much distress to see it cancelled but I have faith in Gail Simone.  It’ll be interesting to see how the story plays out.  Catwoman will be given a chance but it’s Judd Winnick so we’ll see how long this lasts on my pull list.  Birds of Prey is being written by a friend of a friend so I’m definitely giving this a shot…plus, it’s Black Canary!

Also on my list is Justice League Dark.  The magics and mystics always intrigue me.  And finally on my list in the new 52 is I, Vampire because Josh Fialkov has promised that his vampires won’t sparkle.

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1 Response to The New 52 – What We Want

  1. MattG says:

    I buy trade paperbacks, but I plan on picking up a few of the #1’s…

    Batman: The Dark Knight
    Batman & Robin
    Blue Beetle*
    Detective Comics
    Justice League International*
    Wonder Woman

    *I am particularly interested in these titles. Blue Beetle is my favorite character (although I prefer Ted to Jaime) and JLI is my favorite team. I was blown away by Batwoman: Elegy and can’t wait for more. And I love Gail and Barbara, so I have to have Batgirl.

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