Women in Comics – Shaenon Garrity

We’re back with Women in Comics, and today’s spotlight is on Shaenon Garrity! Writer, artist and freelance editor, Shaenon is multi-talented. Her strip Narbonic is a great one, and definitely worth checking out!

* How did you get into comics

I became a big comic-book geek in high school, mostly thanks to comics like Sandman and Bone.  Around the same time, I started drawing comic strips.  I launched my first webcomic in 2000, a month after graduating from college, and I’ve been a vaguely professional cartoonist ever since.

* Tell us a bit about the projects you’ve worked on

I drew the daily online strip Narbonic, about a mad scientist and her minions, for six years.  I now draw the related strip Skin Horse, about the government agency that has to deal with the abandoned creations of mad science, with my cowriter Jeff Wells.  I’ve written for Marvel Comics and drawn comics for various anthologies, including Broad Appeal, I Saw You: Comics Inspired by Real-Life Missed Connections, and The Comic Book Guide to the Mission.  Since none of this makes much money, I work as a freelance editor for VIZ Media; titles I’ve overseen include Naruto, One Piece, Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden, and Case Closed.

* What is your favourite work that you’ve done so far

I love all my two webstrips, Narbonic and Skin Horse.  Publishing comics online is so much fun; I like the immediate feedback, the give-and-take with an audience.  Doing a daily strip is very enjoyable for me.  It’s a satisfying nugget of comics.

* Did you ever get advice about the field that you’d like to pass on

Sergio Aragones once told me to stop drawing the same things over and over, and learn to draw everything.  That was good advice.

* What is your favourite thing to write or draw.  From situations to characters to themes, anything goes.

I like the challenge of capturing a character’s personality with expressions and body language.

* In an ideal world, in what direction would you like to see your project evolve

I’m currently pitching a couple of graphic novels I’d love to write.  One project in particular, a graphic-novel biography of one of my favorite writers, could be really, really cool.  I can’t give any more details right now, though.

* Links to your work:

www.shaenon.com (my general site)
www.2dcomics.com/couscous/blog (the Couscous Collective blog)

* Any last words?

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a fantastic community of cartoonists here in the Bay Area.  For the past couple of years I’ve been part of a group called the Couscous Collective; we put out semi-annual anthologies and support each others’ work.  I love those folks.

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1 Response to Women in Comics – Shaenon Garrity

  1. Michael Pasquale says:

    Hi girls!
    I’m doing a project at university on comic books, and although you seem to be very interested in comics :D you’ll probably agree that comics tend to be something that appeal to boys more than girls. I was thinking of trying to adjust this and create a comic which addressed this problem and maybe got more girls involved in comics, but I’m not sure how, and I don’t particularly wanna go down the “mary jane loves spider-man” route cos…well… it’s not amazing…

    do you think comics are seen as a ‘boy-thing’ because the male heroes tend to be the ones that people think of, and seem to be the most successful in terms of comic sales and movies etc? is it perhaps because the portrayal of women in comics can be seen as sexist, ie all in their tight revealing costumes with massive bits etc? or is it something else?

    I was wondering what you guys read comic-wise and so i can try and see what it is that stops girls getting into comics…

    I’d be much appreciating if you could let me know, u can email me at pasqualester@hotmail.com :D any ideas would be really helpful :D

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