Question of the Week – Most Prized Comic Possession

Out of your comic memorabilia, what is your most prized possession?

Today’s question of the week gives each of the GRCT crew to show off that one comic, autograph, action figure, cosplay or anything else that we prize above the rest of our comic books and memorabilia!

Most of my comic memorabilia is in posters and autographs; I just don’t have the income to buy all the action figures and statuettes I really want (like this amazing Ms Marvel figure). And over the years, I’ve collected a decent amount of autographs that currently hang up on my wall, the ones I love most are the ones with the memories behind them. Like that time I met my idol Rashida Jones when she was doing a signing for her comic, Frenemy of the State. Or the Comic Con where I hunted down Dennis Calero and not only got a signed autograph, but got to make friends with him and Todd Stashwick, who create The Devil Inside webcomic. Or my Scott Pilgrim poster signed by Brandon Routh. On memories alone, those are what I love. (I also really love my Batwoman: Elegy hardcover, that thing is boss.)

But for sheer novelty alone, one thing wins out: a copy of the X-Factor #39 script (the birth issue), signed by Peter David himself. Which was sent to me by Dee, because she is the absolute best.

I have a lot of comic book stuff. Of the four of us, I’ve been reading comics the longest, and I’ve always been the sort of person who holds onto things that she likes. Over the years I’ve gotten things signed, sketched and bought all sorts of stuff. But among all of that, there are definitely two things that stand out for me.

The first is a page from Secret Six drawn by Nicola Scott from an amazing intense scene between Bane and Scandal. People who are brilliantly talented had a hand in making that page come to life, and even without Gail’s words on the page I can feel the tension between them, and the sympathy and concern that Scandal has for Bane. I love that page so much, as it is everything a comic should be in my world.

The second strangely enough, is my Painkiller Jane action figure. It’s a book and character that I love, and I found her in a sale bin at a convention last year. That part makes me sad, but hey, now I have my very own Painkiller Jane, and that is cool.

I personally don’t own a lot of comic memorabilia. I’ve started cultivating a decent collection of comics themselves over the past few years, but when it comes to figures and autographs, I don’t usually get the opportunity at cons to stand in lines for that sort of thing.

However, I was fortunate last year to have just finished up a reread of Astonishing X-Men when Uncanny X-Men #522 came out, also known at the issue that marked the return of Kitty Pryde since she was last seen in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run. I managed to get my hands on the Mark Brooks variant edition of the book, featuring Kitty riding a bullet back down to Earth. It’s probably the comic I own that’s worth the most (double boarded and double bagged!) and this past year at Heroes Con in Charlotte, I snagged a large size print of the cover as well.

I feel bad to admit this, but I really had to rack my brain on this one. I own quite a collection of comics and graphic novels, but when it comes to comic memorabilia I just don’t have that much. A lot of this comes from my affection for little things that get easily lost (or swiped by my brothers) or that I want but never actually acquire. I do adore the print from Christina Strain that I got at SDCC. I love her art and sure transporting it back to Chicago was an absolute beast, but it was worth it.

If we’re going for quirky, straight up comics related thing rather than art done by comic creators that would probably be my Superman cape from when I was about nine. It was originally my brother’s, but like so many other things I made it my own. I still have it even though wearing it would probably look a little strange. Another beloved comic-related piece I have would be my set of Lego X-Men in their crazy nineties outfits. To this day they sit on my desk next to my Disney figurines, possibly having epic late night battles. It’s pretty sweet.

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A book reading, nail polish hoarding, makeup loving, TV marathoning, comic book talking Philosophy major. I want to be Rashida Jones when I grow up.
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3 Responses to Question of the Week – Most Prized Comic Possession

  1. Grimm says:

    For me it’s the 1st issue of Lady Death: Between Heaven and Hell #1 signed by the late Steven Hughes, Brian Pullido and Justiniano. Also my Kelley Jones Batman statue. I had a Tim Sale sketch that got ruined in a flood, that subsequently also killed off the majority of my original books, Bastard Flood Water!

  2. I would have to say it’s my original art piece by J.H. Williams III from his Detective run. Oh wait, that’s just something I WISH I owned. Well, my second most prized possession would be my Dark Phoenix Saga issues. It’s the first series of books that I ever hunted down and overpaid for at conventions.

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