Random Awesome: The Hank Pym Photo Archives

So, I’ll admit that I’m late the game when it comes to knowing specific artists, inkers and colorists of my favorite comics, but since I’ve stared paying attention in earnest these past few years, one of my favorite artists, without a doubt, has been Phil Noto. I’m most familiar with his most recent art in X-23, and his issues are without a doubt some of my favorites.

Recently, however, I stumbled on his tumblr, and while it’s full of some fantastic art (not all of it comic related), my favorite bits are what he’s called The Hank Pym Photo Archives, a collection of Hank Pym’s photos.


The whole thing is wonderfully retro, and I love the little touches, like how the whole thing looks so very candid, like someone at a party actually did take a snapshot. (And the idea of sloshed Tony as Santa at his own holiday party just makes me grin a lot.)

A few more of my favorites after the cut, but you can find them all at Phil Noto’s tumblr and more of his art at his site.

I absolutely love Sue’s expression here. Like “really, Johnny? You have to do that NOW? I am SO not related to him.”

And this one’s just plain adorable.

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