Best of the Best – Women in Comics

Well, that’s it, we’re doing it. We’re trying to compile a list of women in comics – the best, the most kick ass, bad ass, independent, strong, exceptional, you get the idea – as voted on by you. All comics, all labels, all women. Crazy? Possibly, but we also think it’ll be fun!

You may remember we asked for your suggestions on our twitter account. We’ve compiled all the suggestions so far here.  You’ll have the next 48 hours to suggest more at which point we’ll compile a master list. From there we’ll start asking you to vote, first to bring us down to a list of 76 and from there in smaller groups and face-offs until we have our list of the top 50 women in comics!

So here we go, here’s the preliminary list:

Agent 355 – Y: The Last Man
Alice – Suka
Artemis – Wonder Woman
Atom Eve – Invincible
Barda – Justice League
Batwoman (Kate Kane) – Batwoman
Betty Banner – The Incredible Hulk
Big Barda – JLA
Black Canary (Dinah Lance) – Birds of Prey
Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) – The Amazing Spider-Man, ASM Presents: Black Cat
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) – Avengers, Secret Avengers
Boy (Lucille Butler) – The Invisibles
Buffy – Buffy
Cannon – Transmetropolitan
Cass Cain – Batgirl
Cassandra Anderson – Judge Dredd
Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – Catwoman
Chelsea Grin – Suka
Cinderella – Fables
Crazy Jane – Doom Patrol
Crystal – Inhumans
Dani Moonstar – New Mutants
Dara Brighton – The Sword
Darkstar – Avengers, X-Men
Dazzler – Uncanny X-Men, Dazzler
Deena Pilgrim – Powers
Dex Parios – Stumptown
Diamond Lil – Alpha Flight, X-Men
Dorothy – Doom Patrol
Dust (Sooraya Qadir) – New X-Men
Elektra – Daredevil
Emma Frost – Uncanny X-Men
Erha – Keeps of the Maser
Faith Lehane – Buffy
Faiza Hussain – Excalibur
Francine – Strangers in Paradise
Frenzy – Acolytes, X-Men
Harley Quinn – DC, Gotham City Sirens
Hawkgirl – JLA
Hilda – Northlanders
Hit Girl – Kick-Ass
Hope Summers – Uncanny X-Men, Generation Hope
Hopey – Love & Rockets
Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) – Birds of Prey
Irish Shaw – The Crow
Jakita Wagner – Planetary
Jenny Quantum – The Authority
Jenny Sparks – The Authority
Jessica Jones – Alias, Avengers
Jubilee – Uncanny X-Men
Katchoo – Strangers in Paradise
Kate Corrigan – BPRD
Kate Spencer – Manhunter, Birds of Prey
Kitty Pryde – Uncanny X-Men
Knockout – Secret Six
Lady Shiva – Birds of Prey
Ladypool – Deadpool, Deadpool Corps
Layla Miller – X-Factor
Lenore – Roman Dirge/Lenore
Liz Sherman – BPRD
Lois Lane – Superman
Luba – Love & Rockets
Maggie – Love & Rockets
Marada the She Wolf – Epic
Maya Lopez (Echo/Ronin) – Daredevil
Medusa – Inhumans
Michonne – Walking Dead
Miss Fury – Castle Waiting
Misty Knight – Heroes for Hire
Mockingbird – Avengers
Molly Hayes – Runaways
Ms Marvel – Avengers
Mulholland – The Order
Mystique – X-Men
Namora- Avengers, Agents of Atlas
Noa – Sky Doll
Oracle (Barbara Gordon) – Birds of Prey
Painkiller Jane – Painkiller Jane
Penny Century – Love & Rockets
Pixie – Uncanny X-Men (X-Men Legacy?)
Poison Ivy – DC, Gotham City Sirens
Power Girl – Power Girl, JLA
Psylocke – Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny X-Men
Ragged Robin – The Invisibles
Ramona Flowers – Scott Pilgrim
Red She Hulk – Marvel, Hulk
Red Sonja – Red Sonja
Renee Montoya (The Question) – DC
Rogue – X-Men Legacy, Uncanny X-Men
Sarah Essen-Gordon – Batman
Sarah Rainmaker – Gen-13, The Authority
Scandal Savage – Secret Six
She – Hulk, She-Hulk, Avengers
Shrinking Violet – Legion of Superheroes
Sif – Thor
Siryn – X-Factor
Sister Peace – Castle Waiting
Snow White – Fables
Squirrel Girl – Avengers
Stephanie Brown – Batgirl
Storm – Uncanny X-Men
Supergirl – Supergirl
Talia al Ghul – Batman
Tank Girl – Tank Girl
Tara Chace – Queen & Country
The Female – The Boys
The Pro – The Pro
Thundra – Marvel
Tulip – Preacher
Valkyrie – Secret Avengers
Vindicator – Alpha Flight
Witchblade – Witchblade
Wolfsbane – X-Factor, X-Force
Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman
X-23 – X-23, Avengers Academy
Yelena – Transmetropolitan
Zatanna – Zatanna
Zinda Blake – Birds of Prey


These suggestions made on the blog and twitter will be added into the master list.

Amazoniam, Love and Capes
Amelia Mintz, Chew
Athena Voltaire
Belle Lurette, Gai Luron
Bianca Castaphiore, Adventures of Tintin & Milou
Casey Blevins, Morning Glories
Cassie Hack, Hack/Slash
Cassie Lang, Young Avengers
Crazy Mary, Crazy Mary
Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Cloak & Dagger
Daisy Duck, Donald Duck Comics
Death, Sandman
Delerium, Sandman
Desire, Sandman
Donna Troy, Teen Titans, JLA
Elsa Bloodstone, Nextwave
Fallen Angel, Fallen Angel
Firestar, Marvel
Frau Tottenkinder, Fables
Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy
Gertrude Yorkes, Runaways
Good God, The God Machine
Gran’ma Ben, Bone
Gypsy, Justice League
Ikon, Annihilators
Jeanne Pointue, Jennette Pointue reporter
Kahvi, ElfQuest
Kate Bishop, Young Avengers
Katherine Brody, American Dark Age
Kato, Green Hornet (new Series)
Lady Jane, Castle Waiting
Lady Mechanika, Lady Mechanika
Laureline, Valerian & Laureline special temporal agents
Laurence P, La vie Passionnante de Laurence P
Leetah, ElfQuest
Lyra the Savage She-Hulk, She Hulk
Mafalda, Mafalda
Ma Hunkel, Justice Society
Marjanne, Persopolis
Melaka Fray, Fray
Mera, Aquaman
Milky, Soliel
Moonstone, Thunderbolts
Nico Minoru, Runaways
Pearl Jones, American Vampire
Phantom Lady (Dee Tyler), Freedom Fighters
Scary Godmother, Scary Godmother
Secotine, Spirou & Fantasio
Skydoll, Soliel
Sister Peace, Castle Waiting
Sofia Mantega, New Warriors
Songbird, Thunderbolts
Sue Storm, Fantastic Four
Suzette, Le Petit Spirou
Talulah Black, Jonah Hex
Thorn, Bone
Troll, Thunderbolts
Typhoid Mary, Daredevil
Vixen (Mari McCabe) – JLA
Winnowill, ElfQuest

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A book reading, nail polish hoarding, makeup loving, TV marathoning, comic book talking Philosophy major. I want to be Rashida Jones when I grow up.
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47 Responses to Best of the Best – Women in Comics

  1. Marcy says:

    No Donna Troy? She’s been kick-ass in a number of titles (and hopefully will be again someday). So, my suggestion:

    Donna Troy – Wonder Woman

  2. Scott says:

    I’m not seeing Sue Storm here, which seems like kind of an oversight!

  3. A little bit of self interest here but read my Crazy Mary(first story posted on my website for free) and see if she wouldn’t be a great addition to your great list.

  4. James Riot says:

    Else Bloodstone from Nextwave?

  5. KB says:

    You have molly but not Gert from Runaways… or at you being literal kicking ass.
    Then again she’s also dead so I don’t know if you count that. She still exists and is awesome in books. Sofia Mantega (Winddancer) pre-house of M was one of my faves as well. After New Warriors it got a bit weird and I’m not entirely sure if she’s dead now or not…

    I hate that I can’t keep my favorite characters because I’m a newer reader and I end up liking newer characters that inevitably die. Ah but I guess that’s another post.

  6. kurumais says:

    gamora from guardians of the galaxy and ikon from the annihilators it is scary how kick ass these 2 are i would nominate moondragon and phyla-vell too but they look kind of tame next to these 2 ladies
    from thunderbolts songbird moonstone and troll
    lyra the savage she hulk is pretty kick butt too (her and jens book was really fun)
    poor rikki barnes she never really had a chance, one great cover, and marvel dropped the ball

  7. Jelena says:

    Kate Bishop & Cassie Lang from the Young Avengers

  8. Katy says:

    Melaka Fray – Fray

  9. Erica says:

    I have to second the above comment about Donna Troy, considering she was and still is my favorite of the Teen Titans.

    I’m terribly excited to see Cinderella, as well as Zinda Blake. Though where’s Barbara Gordon? Every other one of the Birds of Prey is on here!

    To add to the list, i would like to submit Death from Sandman.

  10. James Riot says:

    Seconding Ikon from Annihilators. She’s a bad-ass.

    Can I nominate Typhoid Mary?

  11. Jack Ruttan says:

    Devil Girl from R. Crumb’s comics?

  12. Amber Love says:

    I thought my tweet went through but I guess it got lost.

    Athena Voltaire by Steve Bryant
    Amazonia – Love and Capes
    Kato – Green Hornet (new series)
    Lady Mechanika
    Firestar (Marvel)
    Ace & Queen – Royal Flush Gang JL animated version
    Ten & Queen – Royal Flush Gang Batman Beyond version

    I think you can just go to ComicVine and filter characters as female.

    • Dee says:

      It did not! Thank you though, I will add these!

      There are a lot of female characters, and as we are trying to come up with a top list of them, we are asking people for their favourites to start with.


  13. John says:

    Delirium and Desire from The Sandman
    Leetah, Kahvi, and Winnowill from ElfQuest
    The Fallen Angel from Fallen Angel
    Thorn and Gran’ma Ben from Bone
    Lady Jane and Sister Peace from Castle Waiting

  14. John says:

    Good God from The God Machine

  15. Jean says:

    I nominate Katherine Brody from American Dark Age for the kickinest ass woman in comics. She slices, dices and does it all with her clothes on.

  16. One of my friends is working on a series right now called American Dark Age. His protagonist, Katherine Brody, is feminine and bad-@$$ all at once. I hope to see lots of other indie heroines on the list eventually!!

  17. Mike says:

    Katherine Brody from American Dark Age! Let’s see some indie comic love.

  18. Jean says:

    I nominate Katherine Brody from American Dark Age. Judge for yourself and read about her for free at Graphicly

  19. kurumais says:

    the elfquest gals are a nice addition forgot all about them
    but how could i forget fallen angel i love that book peter david does a good job with women he did a great illyria from angel but she isnt really a woman she just looks like one
    you could probably nominate all his young justice gals i dont think they would win but they were tough smart and fun

  20. Manon says:

    Katherine Brody from American Dark Age

  21. Mike says:

    Katie and Julie Power (at least when Weezie Simonson was writing them…)

  22. John says:

    Madame Mirage
    Jingle Belle

  23. Adrian says:

    Julie Winters from the Maxx,
    Lady Death from Evil Ernie
    American Maid from the Tick

    Seriousl! This list is lacking!

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