Best of the Best – Round Two Matchups

Can you believe there are still five rounds to go? We know everyone wants to get to the March Madness portion of the polling, and to help with that, we’re going to do this next round fast and dirty. Four days, lots of polls, and we’ll be down to the top 32 female character in comics as chosen by you!

Some of the matchups this round are going to be INSANE, and some will surprise us all with their results most likely.  Today we’re just listing all the matchups so you can see what the next four days will bring!

All the matchups and the brackets can be found after the jump!

Day 1
Oracle/Barbara Gordon vs Hawkeye/Kate Bishop
Lady Mechanika vs Ms Marvel
Mystique vs Tank Girl
Zatanna vs Cinderella
Lois Lane vs Pearl Jones
Renee Montoya vs Sue Storm
Buffy Summers vs Marjane
Michonne vs Jenny Sparks

Day 2
Mera vs Jubilee
Lady Shiva vs Melaka Fray
X-23 vs Tara Chace
Rogue vs Sif
Huntress vs Nico Minoru
Cass Cain vs Talia Al Ghul
Death vs Medusa
Molly Hayes vs Zinda Blake

Day 3
Batwoman vs Supergirl
Emma Frost vs Poison Ivy
Catwoman vs Jessica Jones
Storm vs Faith Lehane
Stephanie Brown vs Layla Miller
Agent 355 vs Snow White
Kitty Pryde vs Casey Blevins
Barda vs Hawkgirl

Day 4
Black Canary vs Squirrel Girl
Donna Troy vs Psylocke
Harley Quinn vs Mockingbird
Scandal Savage vs Frau Tottenkinder
Wonder Woman vs Ladypool
Black Widow vs She-Hulk
Power Girl vs Black Cat
Good God vs Dust

Place your bets ladies and gentlemen. This is going to be a fun round!

Also: in case anyone wants to play along, I’ve uploaded the seeded bracket chart for you here:

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