Reader Spotlight: Andie Bee

Today’s spotlight is on Andie! You can find her at her blog, FacelessMasses.

Tell us about yourself!
A 24 year old lady, who resides in the chilly (though festival-laden) Canadian city of Edmonton, sits staring majestically out her window. She spends her glorious free-time reading an abundance of books, books with and without many beautiful pictures, crocheting excessively long scarves, and writing. While wistfully gazing out onto the cityscape before her- Andie found herself tired from spamming the high holy hell out of her friends with cheesecake recipes, pictures of Doctor Who teapots and talking about her adorable niece… She was so tired, that she barely realized she had been ousted as a giant COMICBOOK NERD.

How did you get into comics?
When I grew up, my parents moved every two years like clockwork. When I tell people that, they assume I was an Army brat- but we were far from it. Regardless, it seemed like we would stay in one place long enough for me to make friends and just have enough time left with them to say goodbye as we moved on to the next small town. Friends came and went, but I always had my books. I grew up with a love of the original Spiderman cartoon, and as I hit my preteens- my obsession hit for the wonderfully cheesy Burton Batman movies so it felt truly natural when I picked up my first comic book (a tattered Detective Comic circa 1989). I started reading them religiously when I was in about the ninth grade, and realized quickly that most other kids didn’t think that was very cool- so it became a hidden passion until I graduated high school. After graduating high school it wasn’t long before I stepped out of my shell and embraced my inner-comic nerd openly.

Do you just read comics, or do you express your love in other ways?
We have a group of regulars from our LCS, that meet nearly every Wednesday for a wonderful thing we call Nerds and Nachos. We meet up, share some food and talk about what new in the world of comics. We recommend titles we like, complain about artists that are ‘butchering’ beloved characters, and share our general love of all things comics (and a healthy mix of pop culture news). It’s a wonderful community we have. I also blog, on a nearly weekly basis- sometimes personal, but mostly recaps of books that I have been reading, or internet videos that I get stuck on. I have done a few stints at cosplaying- Batgirl, and Zatanna as you can see- but I am ashamed to say my costume making skills (sewing machines tremble before me in horror) are hardly up to the standard I wish they were. Instead, I am just an avid fan. Though I rocked Zatanna.

What are some comics you’re currently reading and enjoying?
Batwoman- Aquaman- Saga- Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children- The Shade- Supergirl- Animalman- Swamp Thing- Wonder Woman… I feel like I am missing so many.

Who is your favorite character?
I love Aquaman, and with the new reboot of him (also MERA IS SOMEKIND OF KICKASS) people are finally starting to see that Arthur Curry is a force to be reckoned with. I love that they are giving him the depth and strength that he has lacked for so long. That being said, pre-DCn52 Zatanna was in my top three, as well as Barbara Gordon (Dick Grayson too)- but hands down… Aquaman.

Who are your favorite artist(s) & writer(s)?
Gail Simone- I miss her Secret Six. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of an avid DC fan, but when they said Secret Six was coming to an end… I struggled to not cross the picket lines. She is a sadistic, and marvellous writer. Fiona Staples- her art is amazing, and she is Canadian AND ON TOP OF IT ALL- she is incredibly nice. I first was introduced to her when she did a digital art sit-in at my LCS, and then started following her webcomic and then she started Saga… and that is all. Cliff Chiang- His art never ceases to amaze me. Clean lines, beautiful tone and just… so… right. I loved his work on Green Arrow, and I am adoring his work on Wonder Woman. Dave Louapre- not many likely know him, but I on a whim picked up Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children – which ran for 30 single issues between ’89 to ’92… so it’s not anything new… but Louapre’s writing is.. I read it aloud. It was art. I haven’t found a writer that left me so in awe for a very long time. Find it. Read it.

Do you have a favorite comic storyline?
I loved the most recent Zatanna comics (pre DC reboot) the art was just right, and the stories were exactly what I want for Z. It’s a good place for someone to start if they have minimal history with Zatanna or any of the Zatara family- the run is in two trades Zatanna: Mistress of Magic and Zatanna: Shades of the Past. I also love all of the Fables, and the inner girly-girl in me probably puts the Snow/Bigby wedding right up there in my favorites. The first trade of Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway is beautifully written, and the art is magnificent. And every single person should read V for Vendetta. For the betterment of society. Also- The Typhoid Mary four part series- written by Ann Nocenti should be read by everyone. Your welcome.

Also- as far as webcomics go… you seriously can’t go wrong with Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots It’s funny, well drawn and Danielle is hilarious and super nice too! Go read it. You won’t regret one second of it.

How do you usually buy your comics?
Local Comic Shop! I buy single issues for the most part, and the occasional trade (if it’s not currently ongoing). I am lucky to live in a city with such a phenomenal LCS. I am going to shamelessly plug Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton. If you are ever there, they will not only have a massive stock- but they have a entire section that is just locally made and locally written comics! They also host a heap of gaming tournaments, and movie screenings, and more community-based comic awareness than anywhere I have seen! They recently had a live horse in their store- and a led a ‘how to draw a horse’ class! Neat, right? Check them out, !!!

What are some things you love about comics? Some things that frustrate you?
I love the art, I love the stories, and how timeless the medium is. I love that it is accessible to children, my three year old niece loves reading comics with her Auntie, and her Uncle! I love that it is something that everyone knows about, and that especially with big blockbuster movies like The Dark Knight trilogy, and the many amazing Marvel movie franchises (I’m looking at you Avengers) that it is becoming more and more available to new readers! I dislike that there still carries negative stereotyping with being a female comic book reader- No, I am not into comics because my boyfriend likes them, nor because it is ‘trendy’… I read them because they make me happy, and I’d like to think that makes me a pretty normal person: ya’ know, doing what makes me happy!

What does your dream book look like?
Gail Simone and Neil Gaiman team the writing… Cliff Chiang on art. I would love to see them do a Zatanna/Black Canary book. Oh. That would be… Or a Black Canary(Dinah Lance)/Lady Blackhawk(Zinda Blake) book. Just the two of them kicking ass old school.

Any final thoughts?
Umm. Just thanks to the wonderful ladies at for being awesome, awe-inspiring people who have an obvious love for comics!


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